Council of Nine

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The T'Nanshi Council of Nine (Mithoeatzeth'Le'Taysh in Nanshilae) dates back to the founding of T'Nanshi. These Elected Council Members comes from the Noble Houses of the Elves. Elections are held infrequently, and can take years to resolve. The Council takes a long time to debate and looks at the many angles of any given situation.

Current Council Members

As of the Last Election, the following are the current members of the council, and how many terms they have served.

  • Rianna Ternpilion - 2nd Term
  • Leerana Verowinovel - 2nd Term
  • Lereniviel Ju'eir - 4th Term
  • Aratelda Rinthon - 1st Term
  • Foriten Niltaurwen - 5th Term
  • Verinath Le'Hurin - 3rd Term
  • Ryiel Sunmar - 1st Term
  • Galian Reconithen - 4th Term
  • Spelfarin Teal - 3rd Term

The Official Scribe for the Council

Di'amana Du'mois is the Official Scribe for the Council of Nine. He is the Voice of the Council, and is the main contact between the Populace, and the Council.

Past and Current Families that were/are on the Council

The following are Family Names of the Nobles, that have been associated with the Council of Nine.

  • Niltaurwen
  • Le'Hurin
  • Sunmar
  • Ju'eir
  • Reconithen
  • Verowinovel
  • Ternpilion
  • Rinthong
  • Teal
  • Rinthon
  • Hirefya'oollensoa