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Rune Amanta Profile Picture

Rune Amanta

Gender: Male
Race: Avariel


Rune is a massive elf by Avariel standards. His large frame is tall and greatly muscled. His prowess as a warrior is readily apparent. His skin is an ice-colored tone which blends with his matching icy white hair but contrasts with his dark green eyes. Rune is usually adorned in heavy ornate plate armor with two greatswords and a bow strapped over his back. He moves with surprising grace for one so large and for one so heavily adorned with armor and weapons. His expression is usually that of warmth and joy, but can swiftly change to one of cold, calculating, intimidation. All in all, Rune is a rather intimidating figure, large and overpowering by elven standards, and somewhat of a mystical presence by human standards.


Rune is staunchly loyal to the Queen and is currently seeking to aid her and the Avariel as they strive to recover as a nation.


Rune is approximately 225 years old. He was born and lived in the City-State of Toostan for several years before it was attacked and overran by the Drangonari of Grantir. His parents managed to escape the city and went into hiding in the forested mountains of Deglos. His mother soon gave birth to his sister Indiga Amanta just before Angadar's curse was placed upon the Avariel. Not many years after Indiga's birth, their parents disappeared and were never heard from again. Rune found a few of their belongings in the forest where they were last rumored to be heading before their disappearance, but nothing else was known. Rune looked for any clues of his parents for many years until he finally gave up hope and focused more on caring for his sister and himself in the rugged mountain forest. Caring for his sister was no easy task. She had a natural curiosity and natural ability to get into trouble. Fortunately, Indiga learned quickly how to get out of the trouble she was so fond of finding. Although this did little to help comfort Rune as he spent many years with watchful eyes for his sisters care.

Rune and Indy

When Rune was not caring for his sister and himself, he would spend most of his free time learning to use his fathers greatsword which he found on the day of his parents disappearance. He developed great skill with the blade and soon became nearly inseparable from the weapon. Rune developed an interesting technique for using the massive blade which is not often seen in warriors of such weapons. Since his family enjoyed spending great amounts of time in song and dance together and with others of their friends, he carried this over to his use with the weapon. As a result, his style of fighting with the greatsword resembles a dance more than a battle, where he moves in a series of graceful spins and flowing circles with his sword trailing at his sides, flashing out at precise times.

Rune eventually seemed to develop an interesting bond with the weapon. He found that if he concentrated hard enough, he could actually draw forth strong energies from within himself that would allow his weapon to become much more deadly within his hands for short periods of time. He eventually ended up losing his fathers blade in a battle with a party of Drangonari, but it helped him and his sister escape with their lives. Although he was greatly distraught, Rune soon acquired a new blade and to his surprise, found that his mental link with the blade was not resulting from the sword, but rather from within himself. Eventually Rune and his Sister decided it was time to leave the hiding of the mountain forests. At this time Rune was determined to find Queen Adathi in the hopes of serving her with the task of bringing the Avariel Nation back to its former grandeur. His loyalty to the Queen and his people was not deminished by the destruction of Toostan, or the time spent in hiding, or the disappearance of his parents. In fact, it grew greater because of these things and he has vowed to help his people overcome their tragedy and prosper once more.

Unfortunately, Rune could not locate the Queen or her court, who were obviously still in hiding from Angadar's wrath. So he, and his sister decided to travel south into T'Nanshi and M'Chek in order to seek out information that might lead them to the Queen. They soon found that not all people and/or nations were out to destroy the Avariel. In fact, they met many people of all races that seemed eager to help the Avariel. They also met several Avariel who were venturing forth from hiding as they were.. although many of the Avariel they met seemed to be living a life separate from their Queen and their people at this time. Eventually Rune and his sister were able to find other Avariel who desired to work together to help find the Queen and work to help the Avariel Nation rise again.

More Recent Background

Rune eventually met another Avariel who had very similar goals for aiding their kind as he did. Her name was Shannen Di'rithia, a mage of Andrinor, and worshipper of Cha'reth. Rune was drawn to her immediately by her beauty, but soon he became even more enamored by her strength, passion, and determination that he soon learned after spending time with her. Rune and Shannen made a life bond together at a ceremony in the temple of Cha'reth in Visimontium. Rune and Shannen were blessed to have so many wonderful friends witness the ritual including Queen Adathi herself.

Wedding Ceremony attended by Queen Adathi


Rune And Shannen

Rune and Shannen took up residence in Visimontium where they lived for many years. Rune found Visimontium to be a most beautiful land within the forest mountains of Deglos where he grew up. He found the ruling council and the inhabitants of the city to be most kind, just and fair and soon thought that this place would be a wonderful land for the Avariel to come out of hiding and live as free people again. As a result, Rune got approval of the Council of Visimontium to allow the Avariel to come settle within Apara Thorp and develope a village community under the protection of the city. In turn, the avariel became eager citizens of the city and many of them joined the ranks of the Sentinels to help protect the lands in which they now live. Rune himself was one of the first to join the Sentinels.

Rune and Shannen spent many years living happily in Visimontium. Rune eventually joined the Healers of Cha’reth and dedicated much of his life to the healing of others. He spent much of his time training with others and developing his own abilities of the body and mind to cure others of physical injuries. Rune was helped a great deal with his training while he was doing some extended traveling with Shannen in Ysgard and Arkaz. The Tower of Iron Will located near Bastion is where he ran into Alexis and Sceluscio. Both of which provided great insight and training for Rune as he sought to expand his healing skills. Rune had already learned what he believes is his greatest asset.. his ability to heal others by giving his own health and life force. He believes this to be the heart of Cha’reths principles. But with the help of Alexis and Sceluscio, Rune was able to learn how to focus his energies to heal himself of physical injuries as well.

One of Runes darkest days occurred while Shannen and Rune were spending a peaceful day walking along the shores of Lake Crescetoria. That’s when they both were attacked by a large werewolf sheathed with magical protections. Shannen and Rune both fell as a result of the assault. Rune returned to the prime plane but Shannen stayed in Cha’reths company and did not return. The lycan responsible for the killing was never found but Rune is confident that members of the Violet Order were responsible. From the message left by the lycan, Rune assumed it was just another retaliatory attack as a result of prior incidents involving some of its members. Most of these involved the mage known as Tall who had battled with Shannen numerous times over the years. As a result of one of Tall’s most recent assaults on Shannen, Rune followed him to the Violet Tower in Visimontium and struck Tall down inside the entry hall as he was casting spells against Shannen.

Discovering Avarine

After Shannen’s death, Rune spent more and more time in Ysgard and the Islands of Arkaz in the hopes of fulfilling one of their visions that they planned before she passed away. Rune wanted to provide an opportunity for some of the Avariel to escape from the fear and hiding in Deglos and Galdos and relocate to a new land in Ysgard or Arkaz. Rune was very pleased with how the Avariel were doing in the Village of Apara Thorpe but he realized that there were still many of the Avariel who were still too afraid of Angadar and the Drangonari to leave their hidden homes in the wilds. He wanted to offer those Avariel a chance to live in a land where Angadar had no power and where the Drangonari were seldom seen. He wanted to give them a chance to live in peace, without fear. Rune searched for a place to begin a settlement in Ysgard as he loved some of the high mountain pine forest regions, but soon realized that the lands were just too hostile and full of conflict to be a suitable for the Avariel. He then focused his search on the beautiful islands of Arkaz where he and Shannen lived for many years.

Rune hired the services of a great ship under the command of Captain Jissel. Together, along with many of his close friends, they searched the islands of Arkaz for many years until one day they discovered the sleeping island of Avarine. Rune, Ella, Saph, and friends were able to wake the four sleeping guardians spirits of the island (Lady of the Lake, Lady of the Wood, Lady of the Sky, Lady of Flame) who in turn were able to awaken and transform the sleeping Avariel population of the island who had given themselves to the island in order to save it from destruction after the great battle with the unspeakable mage. Rune has come to learn that it was Dertmore and Pelagia that created the Island as a manifestation of their love. Dertmore and Pelagia also created the four spirits to be guardians of their sacred trust.

Long ago however, the Maker had stolen Avariels (like he steals everything else), and put them on the island along with many other creatures. Then one day, while the island was thriving, a powerful mage (whose name is not to be mentioned) came and decided that he wanted the island for himself. He wanted to twist the power of Dertmore and Pelagia so that the island could become a land of undeath. The mage attacked with all the power he had (negative energies) and the Guardians fought him with all that they had. The lady spirits won the war but the island was nearly destroyed in the process. The battle had exhausted them and the island. The lady spirits said that if he had succeeded, it probably would have weakened Dertmore and Pelagia, and increased Helthor’s power enough to make him the leader of the gods.

It was at this time that the Avariel offered themselves willingly in sacrifice in order to keep the Guardians and the island alive. The Guardians accepted this offering. The life forces of the Avariel were planted inside the island and became treants, trees, and other magical creatures on the island. It was because of this sacrifice that the Guardians were able to heal the Island during the long slumber. But now that the Guardians are awake and the island is whole once more, the Avariel may be released!

Rune, Ella, and Saph now live on the island of Avarine with the other Avariel and are assisting with the rebuilding of the community and the protection of this magical and most sacred of islands.

Rune's Change of Faith

During one of Rune’s visits back to Avlis he met with a priest of Cha’reth named Father Claude and an Avariel who claimed to be with the Court of Queen Adathi named Lord Edding. It was at this meeting that Rune was told that the Drangonari of Grantir no longer seek the destruction of the Avariel people and no longer hunt them outside the lands of Grantir. After learning this information at the meeting, Rune no longer believed it was necessary to offer the sanctuary of Avarine to the general Avariel population of Avlis. So he made this clear to the Avariel of Avlis when he posted the notices about the declaration from Grantir.

It was right after this meeting that Rune also experienced a strange series of events which led to his falling out with Cha’reth. Several of his friends including Ella, Cati, and Corina were discussing topics from the meeting with Thienna inside the Temple of Cha’reth as there were several issues where Rune’s views differed from Father Claude’s and Lord Edding. At a certain point during the discussions, Rune and his friends were struck by a painful divine force as the Temple shook. A divine voice echoed in the temple “My children, you forsake me! Hate is not my way. Judgment is not my way. Fear is not my way.” Ella’s holy symbol of Cha’reth burned through her pack and fell to ashes on the ground and Rune was physically portalled from the Temple to the street outside where he was barred from entering again.

Rune took this obvious sign to be the forceful will of Cha’reth and never tried to enter a Temple of Cha’reth again since that incident. After the Church of Cha’reth made a public notice denouncing Rune and calling him an Apostate Rune knew he must leave the Healers of Cha’reth whom he still dearly loves. He still believes in many of Cha’reths philosophies and he always considers himself a healer as well as a warrior.