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MereppiNew.jpg Full Name: Mereppi Tinkerspellschnausendeglokin

Race: Avlissian Gnome (Rock Gnome)

Gender: Female

Age: Young adult

Deity: Andrinor, (Formerly Fegall)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Formerly True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral)

Class: Wizard/Barbarian/Pale Master

Birthplace: Derome Delem, Deglos

Occupations and Affiliations:

Mereppi surveying the mountains of Deglos


Mereppi has always been fascinated by the design of all things, both living and inanimate. She constantly experiments with new structures and designs, in order to try and improve on the original. She is currently an architect in the employ of Riadoc of Dra'Nar, of the Ivory Order of the Sun. Mereppi helped him to redraft a set of blueprints for a new Dra'Narian orphanage in Mikona, and will potentially help him design others to be built around southern Avlis. She has also done minor design work for others, including Gurky Bogglewig and Malin Treeshadow.

Mereppi has also been recruited by a band of gnomish tinkerers, mages, clerics, and other interested folk, often sponsored by organizations such as the Church of Fegall. They plan to restore the Research Institute of Oddities in Minur-Kurzad, and to clear out the Underground Labratories, in order to construct a new Workshop for the building and study of contraptions.

The group may have other plans, as well...

-Arcane Researcher:

Mereppi's fascination with design extends especially to the arcane. She is a wizardess, specialized in the art of Transmutation. She uses her skills to tear apart and to redesign matter, to satiate her curiousity about the nature of reality. She is unable to cast any spells from the school of Conjuration, as she is strictly opposed to the nature of such spells.

To quote Mereppi: "Matter cannot merely be whisked from some unknown source, and bent to a whim! Only by 'knowing' the true nature and design of an object can you understand the truth of it."

The Emblem of the Solar Brigade

-Battlemage of the Deglos Brigade:

In the interest of better helping to protect and defend her homeland of Deglos, Mereppi has joined as the first Gnomish member of the Deglos Brigade. Nothing better than a good ale and crump!

The Deglos Brigade is an official law enforcement agency of Deglos, deputized by the GDSI (Guild of Deglosian Security and Investigation, an NPC organization) to uphold and enforce Deglossian law.

-Former Leader of the Solar Brigade:

In service to the High Mage Council, Mereppi has banded together with a group of adventuring friends, whom are now calling themselves "The Solar Brigade". (See The Drangonari and Wild Magic, under Recent History, below.) Together, these friends may continue to share many amazing adventures in the future. The other members of the Solar Brigade chose to vote Mereppi as their leader, to make decisions and guide the rest of the group in times of crisis.

The Solar Brigade has since disbanded unofficially, due to a lack of need for their service. Their archenemy, Hallimancus, has not been seen in some time.

History - Past Adventures:

Like most gnomes, she has an insatiatible curiousity about the nature of existance.

(The following has all occured in game, starting with the June 2006 Ferrell Trade Fair.)

The Deck of Hazards:

Mereppi aquired from a lich, for a brief period of time, an ancient artifact known as "The Deck of Hazards". Unable to resist the temptation that such a magical device proffered, she drew from it, with near-disasterous results. The deck continued to haunt her, reappearing in her hands once more, and setting loose an angry ancient dragon in the middle of the Ferrell Trade Fair, which was quickly dispatched by Smeec and Amy, among her other friends.

The deck did leave her with several lasting curses, as well. Until she left Ferrell that day, she was sickened by an unconquerable illness, a plague of horrible nature, which caused her to shake and vomit, and likely would have killed her if not for the protective enchantments on her staff. However, when that curse left her, a new one had begun...

The Avatar

The Avatar:

The Deck left Mereppi with a darker side to her being. Whenever she is threatened, or sees imminent danger, "The Avatar" will emerge. She is both afraid of this power, and eager to study it, and to learn of it's limitations. Usually, the fear wins out, and she will remain in her alternate form only until the current and immediate danger in any situation has passed.

Although she retains her mind and thoughts, there is a subtle shift in her personality while under the influence of The Avatar. She is fearless, to the point of sheer recklessness, and when hard-pressed will enter into the wild rage of a barbarian.

Recently, she has begun to remove herself from this object more and more, perhaps out of fear of it's power, or out of growing confidence in her own capabilities. She will no longer use it as anything but a last resort.

The Red Order of the Flame:

The wizardess Micah, also known as the "Red Witch", has offered to sponsor Mereppi as an initiate in the Red Order of the Flame. In her effort, Mereppi has been bidden to seek out mages of each other Order, and to learn from them the purpose, beliefs, and structure of those orders.

However, in the progress of this task, Mereppi has uncovered some interesting information about her sponsor, Micah, learning that not only had she not always been a mage of Red, but that she had actually been the former Archmage of the Ebony order. Mereppi has decided to not mention this to Micah, at least not for the moment...

The Great Clearing Up

Soon after, in an unrelated expedition, Mereppi fufilled another promise, as she joined up with a group of fellow Ganoom friends and one tinischnausen to journey to Minur-Kuzad. There, along with Gurky, Plitz, Marin, Rorln, and the human woman Triia, they began the process of clearing hostile experiments from the underground Laboritories.

There, they discovered a large number of Slaadi, pouring through a small planar rift. In their attempts to destroy it, the gate began to expand violently, eventually swallowing the whole group before they could escape.

After a dangerous and chaotic time in Limbo, through which Rorln believed himself to be at first a barmaid, then Aerill, and even a pixie, they managed to escape back to the prime through the use of a Gate spell.

Arriving back in Minur-Kuzad, they landed with a splash in the town fountain, and witnessed a large contigent of disgruntled ganoom Ashen and Red Order zatotiks leaving the site of the Laboritories, heading for the tavern. When asked, they explained that they had closed a dangerously expanding portal to Limbo, and had found a significant amount of residual limbomatter in the laboratories.

They gave each of the group present a sample of the found limbomatter to experiment with.

The Red Order of the Flame - Continued

While attending the Pre and Post-Andrinorian History lectures at the Ferrell branch of the Academy of Mortal Magic, Mereppi met Ankhara, the Archmage of the Red Order of the Flame. To her surprise, she learned that Ankhara had been hearing good things about her... Shortly after the lectures, she was granted the divine mark of Andrinor's Trust, as Micah and Ankhara initiated her as a full member of the Red Order of the Flame.

After serving for a short time as the Red Order's Senior Mage of Transmutation, Mereppi wrote a letter of resignation, and quit. She felt that the goals and membership of the order did not sit with her own beliefs.

History - Hallimancus and the Solar Brigade:

The Drangonari and Wild Magic:

Mereppi soon found herself drafted by a Fatespinner of the Red Order, by the name of Artorius. As she had been "touched by chaos", he insisted that she come to a soon-to-occur meeting of mages, there in Ferrell.

Many famous and powerful mages were present, Aerill, archmage of Blue, Damar, archmage of Gold, and Micah, the Red Witch, among others. Mereppi was introduced to a group whom she would soon become close friends with, later named the "Solar Brigade", after the feat they would soon preform.

Artorius had tracked a large amount of Drangonari to the Little Falls Canyon, where they had located an ancient device. In the hands of the Drangonari, this device had been corrupted, and used to cause the wild magic plaguing the Eastern Wastes of Visimontium.

In a great battle, in which ten elite mages of the Trust perished, The Solar Brigade secured the device, and repaired it, to model the original three orders of magic itself. Runes were inscribed, the Sun, Moon, and Stars anchored to Chaos, and all was once again in it's proper place. Trust mages soon after unearthed a great wealth of knowledge in ancient tomes and spells. Kieron and the other mages of the Trust soon opened up a new wing in the extradimensional Archives to store all the new magical information, so that it could be studied.

For the part they played in the unearthing of this arcana, Mereppi and the other members of the Solar Brigade inscribed their names into the cornerstone of the new Archive floor.

Hallimancus the Lich and the Positive Energy Artifacts:

Mereppi met with the other members of the Solar Brigade at the Ferrell Branch of the Academy of Mortal Magic. Shortly, the bursts of powerful destructive magic alerted them all to a confrontation in the meeting room.

They rushed in to find an unconscious Ivory wizard, several dead dark-robed figures, and several living ones teleporting in to finish the job. Micah arrived just in time to save the Solar Brigade from certian death, as did other reinforcements, soon after.

Upon reviving the unconscious Ivory, he related the tale of what had occured. Kieron had called out a powerful lich known as Hallimancus, to confront him about powerful artifacts of White Necromancy that he had stolen from the haunt of an elven baelnorn. Kieron apparantly did not suspect that Hallimancus would attack her there, in the Academy.

Mereppi reconized the name of the lich as the one whom she had met once before, at the Ferrell Trade Fair. Having seen the artifacts of chaotic magic which that lich already had possessed, she warned the others present to not underestimate him... all the while wondering to herself what she had gotten herself into by using a Deck of Hazards given to her by Hallimancus.

Kieron left to Sephira an artifact known as the Lens, with the power to scry upon the past of any object or place.

And so, a new adventure for the Solar Brigade was to begin!

The Solar Brigade Grows Stronger

Once again the The Solar Brigade met in Ferrell, and this time many additional adventurers, hired by Micah, came. Together, under the guidance of the Deputy Great Mage of Arms for the Blue Order of the Sky, Gustav, and Micah, they underwent a series of trials, tests, competitions, and training designed to teach them to work as a team.

The rougish types competeted to disarm traps around the Fairgrounds. Those proficent with ranged weapons measured their skill against golems summoned by Gustav. The highlight of the training was the mage/warrior team tactics wargames, in which dueling teams each consisting of one warrior and one mage fought one-another. Victory was declared for a team when they had managed to disable their opponent's mage for ten seconds.

Now, the new recruits and the original members of the The Solar Brigade are training together, and learning to properly focus their efforts for the coming struggles ahead.

Training in Deglos

The Solar Brigade went to the Academy of Mortal Magic in Deglos, where they were challenged to a dangerous live obsticle course, used to train many promising mages. They magically travelled to each of three different actual locations in Deglos, to confront the dangers they found there, and retrieve an object to complete the test.

First, the portal placed them in a forested clearing on the surface, where they drove off a swarm of T'nanshi Battle Beetles, before descending into a cavern filled with flammable moss. In a bit of shortsightedness, Mereppi decided to light the moss on fire to drive all the beetles out, however they did so before climbing out of the cavern itself, and their rope out burnt away.

After some difficulty, they returned, and set on the second challenge. They found themselves in a mining encampment somewhere in Deglos, surrounded by dracolisks. Fighting their way through the crowd of powerful lizards, they found and slew the coal dragon which had mothered the horde of abominations.

Finally, they set about the last portion of the test. After traversing a dangerous trapped ruin, and destroying several guardian golems, they tried to return to the Academy, but found the way blocked by a band of elven and half-elven mercenaries. After refusing to relinquish the Lens in Sephira's possession, they were all nearly killed by the mercenaries, until Micah came to the rescue.

It was a lesson hard learned, but they now knew they were not the equal for every task in their path, and could not win any encounter through brute strength.

Scrying in Ferrell

In Ferrell, the Solar Brigade met and travelled to a secure location, a cave in the Eastern Farmlands. Here, they fortified the entrance, as Vanar and Timmon began to use the Lens to scry into the past, and find out where Kieron had hidden the pieces of the map she wished them to recover.

As Vanar was scrying, a horde of animated flesh constructs, created by Hallimancus' necromancer allies, and more elven and half-elven mercenaries attacked in an effort to stop Mereppi and her friends. It was a difficult battle, but the friends survived, and Vanar devined the location of the first map fragment.

Also found was a map in the boot of one of the mercenaries, showing the location of a fortified encampment in an old ruin in the T'Nanshi wilderness. The Solar Brigade decided to split up, one half to go deal with the mercenaries, and the other to retrieve the map.

Crushing the Mercenary Menace

Half of the Solar Brigade met in Le'Or'T'Nanshi, where they joined forces with a small cadre of wild mages, students of Burnest Gorria, Master Wildmage of the Red Order of the Flame.

They all headed to the platforms near Port Nireth, from which they could look down upon the ruins that the map marked as the location of the mercenary base. The wild mages rained down an impressive hail of magical death, blasting apart large swaths of the ruins, as the Solar Brigade prepared to go in on the ground and sweep up survivors. They were enchanted with Feather Fall spells, and leaped from the platforms.

To their horror, they were greeted with the fire of artillery and seige weapons, for the mercenaries had been well entrenched in deeply dug and fortified defensive positions. After a tough battle, they uncovered the entrance into an underground complex, and persued the mercenaries inside.

After negotiating trapped corridors, and fighting off two large groups of bandits, and nearly perishing in the process, the mercenaries fled, sealing the way to the rest of the complex behind a solid wall of stone. The Solar Brigade left, and spoke to the wild mages, who planned to take an expedition of their own down to clear out the rest of the tunnels.

Emily and Lily

The half of the Solar Brigade that had been hunting the mercenaries soon met up again in Ferrell, and discussed what they would do next. There they were approached by a Green Order sorceress, and her companion, a beautiful copper dragon of impressive stature named Lily.

Lily and Emily had persued leads that the other mages had found excavating the mercenary encampment in T'Nanshi, and scouted a small chain of islands off the coast. They located fortified encampments on two of the small islands. Apple Island, which Emily named because she was hungry and found apple trees there, and Acorn Island, which Emily named because she stepped on an acorn there.

Apple Island is what Lily believed to be the main base, heavily fortified, with only one bay that could be approached from the sea, defended with emplacements of siege equipment, ballista, and catapult. Acorn Island is a combination heavy forest and sheer cliffs, with watch platforms constructed in the canopy, and a network of tunnels built into the bedrock.

The question now was how they would get a proper strike force to these islands...

Meeting with Ashe

Emily and Lily suggested that the group meet with a rather large dragon they had known in the past, a Brass by the name of Ashellanthrax. Ashe, as he is called, accidentially caused the death of his former humanoid partner, who fell from Ashe's back as Ashe preformed a drunken barrel roll in mid-air. Due to his inebriated state, he had forgotten that his partner was not strapped into his saddle. Ashe, however, is the only means they could think of whom could carry the entire group safely and stealthily onto the fortified islands.

The group travelled to Deglos, up through Little Falls Canyon, and fought off a mercenary amubush, before meeting again with Emily and Lily. From there, they entered the mountain, to Derome Delem, on their way to Ashe's lair. After running into Mereppi's sister in Derome Delem, the group beat a hasty exit, as they were in a hurry, and Mereppi didn't want to deal with the group meeting her family at that time.

After some adventures in the mountains of Deglos, they found Ashe's lair, near the town of Waynbeck Vale. After a few rough moments while meeting the dragon, Indiga Amanta managed to subdue him, and get him to promise that he could carry the party to the islands, soon in the future.

Crushing the Mercenary Army Once and for All

The Solar Brigade descended on Apple Island in a furious assault from above, supported by dragonfire. Breaking in to the underground base, they fought their way through narrow corridors, choked with traps and ambushing mercenary bandits. Eventually, they broke through a doorway warded by a disintrigation field, and found themselves face to face with an entire army. The remainder of the mercenary company had been waiting for them, and had prepared this trap, executed to perfection.

The battle was fierce, but in the end, the Solar Brigade left the island victorious, leaving only blazing flame on the horizon of the T'Nanshi coast to mark what had occured that day.

Charge of the Solar Brigade

After a time of relative quiet, the Solar Brigade has now disbanded. Hallimancus has not surfaced since.

History - The Dragon Tharul'Zhannadar and M'Chek:

History - Adventures with the Deglos Brigade:

Crumping with the Deglos Brigade

In Nanshi Urbaz, Mereppi had her first official taste of Deglos Brigade life. She went out with her dwergen cousins to explore and clear out the Nanshi Urbaz Deeps. However, they ran into a mysterious vampire male, who oddly enough warned them of something else down there... Proceeding into the Deeps, they fought a large contingent of dwarven and gnomish vampires, and then pressed further on, where a strange new undead creature nearly felled everyone.

Inside a frightening crypt, the Deglos Brigade freed several human prisoners whom were caged up, and gave cryptic warnings about the "hoods" coming to eat everyone. Foolishly pressing onwards, they found the "Hood", an undead creature whom dispatched everyone with ease, then left, gloating.

The Deglos Brigade picked up their wounded, and left in defeat. However, they soon found themselves in the Foaming Mug Tavern, toasting Deglos, and their survival! At this point, a ganoom representative of the Council of Guilds came to inform everyone that the Guilds had decided to deputize the Brigade as an official branch of the Guild of Deglosian Security and Investigation, with the authority to uphold and enforce Deglossian law.

Drahnul Rears his Ugly Head

Brigade members all over Deglos began reporting in disturbing encounters with cryptic, playful, or downright dangerous dark hooded humanoids, all whom spoke of their master, Drahnul.

In a Brigade patrol through the Urbaz Deeps, the party was stalked by such a being, a well hidden and dangerous vampire, who loved nothing more than to taunt the Brigadiers by whispering in their ears, or pulling on their cloaks, and vanishing before anyone could retaliate.

As they emerged from the Deeps, the vampire came out of hiding, and slew a miner in the Lower Urbaz Mines, stabbing him with two wicked short blades. He vanished with naught but a mocking laugh, and a note left on the body of the dead miner.

It read: "If one of my agents can get this close to Nanshi Urbaz, imagine what they could do in a less traveled area."

The letter was signed in red ink, with no name but a single letter "D".

The Story of Drahnul

Speaking to priestess Ge'Tana at the Nanshi Urbaz Mining Temple to Fegall, the members of the Deglos Brigade were told the full story of Dranhul's past.

Drahnul was once a human lord, living with his vassals in the mountains of Deglos. He promised to help in an ancient battle against the warlord Nem, when his aid was sorely needed by the noble dwergen and ganoom warriors. However, he betrayed them, and his forces never showed up. Upon winning the battle, but at heavy cost, all the clerics and mages of Deglos came to the door of his tower. There a ward was laid, forever binding his soul to that building.

It is thought that the ward was intended as punishment, to forever damn the souls of himself and his vassals to an eternity of undead torment as a vampire. However, he can leave the tower as he wishes, and shows his pale face around Deglos every few years, always trying to get his revenge.

All-Out War

Through the intervening months, Vendis Dranuhl has raised the stakes. His undead armies have been making daring attacks against trade routes and caravans, while swiftly vanishing into the tunnels afterwards, showing Dranuhl's mastery of tactics, strategy, and guerrilla warfare.

The Deglos Brigade has been functioning under the direct command of General Jimbo Nomilon, making tactical strikes against concentrations of Dranuhl's troops. So far, three of Dranuhl's inner circle of elite commanders have been killed. For now, at least, it seems the favor of the battle is turning toward Deglos' side.

Dranuhl's Side of the Story

It has come to light that Vendis Dranuhl denies the story of his history. He asserts that he truly wished to help in the ancient battle against the forces of Nem. The night before he was to lead his soldiers to reinforce the Deglossian army, he was visited by a traveler. Acting the part of good host, he took the weary traveler into his home and dinner table. It was only that night that he discovered the true face of the traveler, the demon known as the Gentleman.

Dranuhl woke in the morning, and found himself cursed by the demon. He was now a vampire, and none of his soldiers or servants were anywhere to be seen. He could only wait helplessly, trapped inside his tower by the sunlight outside. When the battle with Nem was won by Deglos, albeit at great cost, the combined magical force of Deglos' priests and mages came to condemn Dranuhl for his desertion, and sealed him inside his tower. The imprisonment has driven him to anger, and he now seeks revenge.

Golems Galore!

With the help of the entire brigade, Mereppi began the difficult task of constructing a squadron of powerful Mithral Golems to assist the army, and better defend the peoples of Deglos from undead incursion. A total of eleven golems were constructed, as follows. Below, the Deglos Brigade can be seen assembled to view the finished squadron of golems.

Defender One. Defender Two. Defender Three. Defender Four. Johnny Five. Defender Six. Defender Seven. Defender Sunshine. Defender Eight. Defender Nine. Defender Sparky.

The End of Headmaster Nise and Vendis Dranuhl

As written in taverns across Deglos:

[The end of Dranuhl, Mereppi and Thror's tales.]

Future Goals:

Mereppi will stop at nothing to uncover and possess additional artifacts of a magical nature. She firmly believes that such powerful artifacts as the ones she has dealt with should never be allowed to roam free, for all the harm they could cause, and instead must be carefully studied and held for safekeeping. However, deep inside her heart, she knows that she could never resist the temptation to use such an artifact herself, and let the consequences be damned.

She will, however, never forget about her duties and commitment to her homeland of Deglos, and is always ready to stand strong and defend her home and kin.


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"Mereppi has an overabundance of the gnomish tendency to harm oneself in the name of curiousity" - Micah Ormane

"What a Nose, especially for the Discovery of the Innovative Artifacts!" - Gurky Bogglewig

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