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Riadoc was born in Minur Khuzad as the only child of Yrelina and Journiac Minureumaupholtoffenstopelbop. His father, Journiac, is a high ranking priest of Fegall who served in an administrative role at the Gnomish Research Institute, until its destruction. Riadoc's mother, Yrelina, is an expert alchemist and often took Riadoc with as she was looking for plants and baubles to use in her potions. During his childhood, which remained rather uneventful, he spent much time in Le'Or'T'Nanshi where his mother found a market for her potions.

Between the traveling and the time in Le'Or'T'Nanshi, Riadoc's natural curiousity bloomed into a drive for understanding and comprehension and catalogization of as much knowledge as possible. His father feared his son would turn into an impartial Vorinite so Riadoc was put on a strict course of assisting Journiac in his more priestly duties. Especially when he would go to bless new babies and give last rites to those who fell, whether by sword, contraption, beast, or age. This phase lasted for about a decade, until it became clear that Riadoc's heart wasn't with Fegall, but Dra'Nar. In the early years with his mother in Le'Or'T'Nanshi, a favorite past time of his was to follow the great processions into the High Temple of Dra'Nar and listen for long hours to the services. While individually this would have just been a normal childhood experience, combining it with a decade of seeing so many babies and so many heroes, it acted as a catalyst for his open worship of Dra'Nar.

While this was slightly disappointing to his father who wished for Riadoc to follow in his illustrious footsteps as a pirest of Fegall, his mother saw the benefits of his new faith. It was about this time that Riadoc began studying a few books on wizardry that he had borrowed from the Research Institute's Archives. As the primary goal of the G.R.I. is that of crafting, and physical manipulation, the books focused on the practical applications of transmutation on cogs, wheels, doodads, and thingamabobs. Artificing went hand in hand with contraptioneering for many of the workers at the G.R.I.

Decades past like this, with narry a change in their lifestyle. Riadoc's amazing memory had already absorbed the lessons from the books at the Institute, but he had little chance else to go on, until he met a dwarven wizard name Kadrin Duraz. Kadrin helped tutor Riadoc in the magical arts. One aspect of this tutoring was to see more of the world, and explore various caves and ecosystems around the southern half of the continent. After a while, Kadrin had joined the Ivory Order of the Sun, and soon Riadoc followed suit.

By the time of Riadoc's 150 birthday, in 1986, the war between T'Nanshi and M'Chek was well under way, and he found a prodigous amount of work for someone versed in the lore of Dra'Nar. Never in the rest of his life had he met so many heroes and so many orphans as during the war, and so Riadoc spent the next forty years or so primarily in M'Chek and T'Nanshi looking out for those in need. During this time period his mother began to fall ill with a mysterious disease that her husband was unable to treat. This requires Riadoc from time to time to return home to spent up to months watching out for her health and assisting her, while Journiac is busy on business.

Some highlights in Riadoc's career:
1. Senior Magi of Deglos for the Ivory Order of the Sun (resigned, in favor of Kleinzaub)
2. 2nd Place in the Avlissian Chess Tournament in Kuras (match tied: 1 1/2 - 1 1/2, given to Sasha Konstantine for play strength)
3. Destruction of Gnomish Research Institute (forced his father to find another place to work, and spurred Riadoc into Pro-Gnomish Action)
4. Passing of Kadrin to old age (Dra'Nar bless his soul)