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Race: Gnome
Classes: Cleric, Rogue
Guild affiliations: AKN, FEAT, ROTE
Most active on server: Ferrell
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Gurky Bogglewig [*] was born in a small farming community in Bazgamph. The town often endures attacks by Trolls and Shaahesk, and has a well-trained militia. Being a natural coward, however, Gurky avoided militia duty by convincing his family guild to send him away. His guild, G.O.O.D. [**], needed someone who could research better ways of producing onions and onion products. Thus, Gurky, already an ordained cleric of Fegall, carrying his holy symbol [***], set off to the greater Avlis to become a skilled crafter.

[*] Or, Gurkofferliebhaavlischnauzerettenog Bogglewigofferfegallderenplatzen, in Ganoom. He uses his common or tinischnauzen name, Gurky, when interacting with non-gnomes.

[**] The Guild of Onions and Onion Derivatives. Many Deglosian guilds are very specialized.

[***] A small, bronze cog, which is the focus of his clerical spells. His favored way of blessing his friends is by whacking them hard with the metal implement.



Gurky grew up assisting in botanical research, as a young onion farmer. Gurky was sent to Ferrell, being most interested in furthering his studies in alchemy and herbalism. He has advanced in the ranks of the AKN to become a Master, joined ROTE as a crafter and merchant and has offered his symbol and mace in defense of Ferrell as a member of FEAT.


Gurky's time in Ferrell has probably been spent the most in the AKN, at the apprentice area. For years, he had regularly taught classes in alchemy and herbalism — which often had surprising results when he encouraged students to experiment. Memories of flying tables, glowing alchemists and accidental deaths (though these are underplayed, of course), abound. After the construction of the AKN hall in Visimontium, Gurky penned an essay on his beloved horticultural obsession, which was inscribed on the door of the Onion room — one of the many natural science-themed suites in the new hall.


Gurky is often seen running between ROTE in Kharak Zvidurat and Ferrel Style, though he spends most of his time in the workshop in Ferrell. He had been a partner for many years and continues to, as he calls it, "Spread the Purchasings of the Makings for the Further Makings, by Hurine...!". His most fond memory is the construction of Ferrell Style, which he had witnessed -- and his saddest memory the passing of Camb Roe'Que, the founder of this trade enterprise, who had taught him much about the little he knows about trading.


Gurky served FEAT as a priest, a lorewarden, a crafter and generally, someone to chase after when he goes off mining the closest rare ore node during combat. His time with FEAT was filled with many wondrous sights from all walks of life - and was especially useful in his attempts at cataloging the onion species of Negaria.

One of his favourite memories is his involvement involved in purging of the Rift Temple of Se'Fassu, a master vampire that had been terrorizing Ferrell for many years. His name is engraved, among those who helped, outside the entrance to this temple. Personally, it was the creation of helmets that would ward the company against the unholy energies of Se'Fassu's minions that he recollects most keenly.


With the upsurge in interest among gnomes in restoring the contraption economy of Deglos, he had trained in the use of magical devices and alternative combat tactics. He joined a group of tinkerers whose goals included restoring the Minur-Khuzad Research Institute to its former glory. This group called itself the Contraptioneers and studied contraptions such as magical wands and thingamabobs.

Gurky has been absent from guild activities for many years now.


Gurky is, as most gnomes should be, outgoing and intensely curious about everything around him. As a cleric of Fegall, he goes out of his way to teach people how to craft and to experiment with new ways of making things - what he calls the Making. He is fond of theories explaining everything from mineral formation to moustache growth rates - he believes that in knowing something of everything, one is wiser than knowing a lot about a bit!

He fears what he calls the Baatorian and Abyssal Goats, whom he believes wish only pain and suffering upon any innocent gnome. However, another keen research path he wishes to follow is discovering the Abyssal and Baatorian onion species. He hopes that he can do so without incurring the wrath of these Outer Planar beasts.

Goals and current activities

Gurky is very skilled at all crafts, but he is not legendary for his expertise in any particular craft. Rather, in line with the spirit of his god, he is best known for his curiosity and his willingness to chat with other crafters about the Making. He is also curious about the less well-known crafts, such as tinkering, enchantment and trapmaking. He spends much of his time trying to catch up with the newest methods employed by younger crafters.

After he oversaw the construction of a shrine to Fegall by the Periwinkle Fireworks and Foghorn Factory in Visimontium, he continued to draw up plans for further "Places for the Easy Making and the Not Running 'till the Legs are of the Jelly" around Avlis.

Of course, his eventual goal is to find a workspace in " Fegall's Workshop" when he dies by becoming a "Maker of Quality and Sharing Knowing in the Making". The rest is in his journal.

Musings and Tales

Being a collection of musings on Fegall, including parables, tales and crafting advice.

Bragging Rights and Out of Character Information

RPotM December 2004, 2nd place

RPotM March 2005, tied 2nd place

RPotM April 2005, 2nd place

RPotM August 2005, tied 1st place

RPotM May 2010, 1st place

Funniest PC, Most Original PC, Irreverence Awards 2005.