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Erriss Nerivenne
Erriss holding a staff given to her by Susallia Songbird

Research Interests

Erriss, being the inquisitive type she is, shows much interest in observing and noting different traits of monsters, both rare and common. She is commonly updating the bestiary that she keeps in her notes, though she does this after the fact, rather than during the encounter with the monster.

She is also noted to have a thorough liking of Planar allies of the celestial type. However, as she is an Abjurer, she does not spend time learning conjuration spells; the very spells that would bring the Celestial specimens to her. As a result, she can sometimes be heard asking for a moment to study someone's planar companion.


Erriss, standing at about five foot four (5'4") and with a light build, is a fairly good looking Avariel. She wears her blonde hair slightly longer than shoulder length, and her bang rarely covers her wide blue eyes.

Her body, though rarely uncovered enough to make a clear assessment, looks fragile, and not in the least bit strong or hardy. Her wings occasionally flutter when she is nervous, and rock back and forth while walking. Her movements are marked with both grace and a sense of joy. When resting, her wings curl up over her body, covering her from the neck to the upper thighs.


Information is yet to be added.


There are several words that often come to mind when observing Erriss in her day to day life; bubbly, energetic, and caring are among them. She values friendship and kindliness above all else, though as a result to confrontations, rumors, and general knowledge, she secretly despises Angadarians.

This is little known, however, since she is ever eager to give no matter who is the recipient: discrimination is something she sees as an evil in the world that must not be tolerated.

A painting of Erriss


As a result of specializing in Abjuration, Erriss has a flare for protecting her allies from spells, attacks and other afflictions. However, studying feverously in Abjuration has been detrimental to her development in the Conjuration school of magic. She finds this of little consequence however, as she would prefer the companionship of her friends and allies, or her familiar Sebriia (a Faeriedragon).

Due in large to several experiences in her past, Erriss has a severe disdain for spells of the Necromantic school, especially those that intend to harm, injure or otherwise hinder the life and will of others. This disliking of a whole school of magic has led to her thinking negatively of Pale Masters as well, and the Violet Order.


Through her travels, she has made many friends and allies, as well as her fair share of enemies.

In the way of friends, she has valued the companionship of Gaklah the Stone, a half-Ogre that serves as the more militant, hands-on type of a pair that frequently travel and adventure together. Erriss has also counted on the guidance of Fergus Goodmane, Archmage of the White Order, from time to time. She has also learned much from Susalia, mother of the Order of O'Ma, from which she received her most prized possesion, her staff.

But despite the kindness that she strives to extend towards any and every living being she encounters, she has made several enemies; people who wish to either see her fail, or her race as a whole. There are many followers of Angadar who would wish to see Erriss erased from the face of Avlis, as well as her kin.