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Note: This information refers to the Third Imperium Age. As of the 2200s, the Kingdom of Cytheria has been maligned by a demonic incursion. Not much is known about its interior affairs.  See also: Fourth Imperium Age
Overview of Cytheria and it's People
File:Cythras Crowd.jpg
The far northern lands known historically as the Cytherian Frontier is not the most forgiving of lands, but offered brave souls that call it home a fair amount of security and resources not available to other parts of the empire. Unlike most of the old Kurathene Empire, Cytherian society is not based off of nobilty. Everyone, men, women; young, old; wealthy, poor; are expected to pull his or her share in society. One person not pulling his weight and doing the things that he/she can do, could spell distaster for a village, especially when the harsh winter descends upon it.

Over time and different regimes, there have been many state sponsored religions in Cytheria. This endless changing of official religions, coupled with the Frontiermen natural independent nature, have made many in the fief aliented. With the Blue Revolution and the new leadership, this no longer applies, as there is now freedom of relgion in Cytheria.

As far as trades, Cytheria has always been fairly involved in ship building and sailing, its ship yards have provided a good number of ships to the Imperial Navy over the years. With so much of the Cytherian Frontier being costal, fishing and seafood provides the bulk of its food source, as well as its major export.

Traditionally, Cytheria has enjoyed fairly peaceful relations with its neighbors. The new leaders of Cytheria and the old leaders of this land have never been as interested in conquest as they were in protecting themselves.

As far as internal politics, recent events have not been as peaceful. There have been three governments of the lands around Cytheria in the past 70 years, changes that have alternately left the Frontier stronger and more vulnerable.

Below is an overview of the influencial people of Cytheria.

Welcome to Cytheria, one and all.

Lord Lucius D'Cythra

Lucius D'Cythra

File:1114987180 fullres.jpg
Lucius D'Cythra

Role/Title: Lord of the Nation of Cytheria

Lucius is the new leader of Cytheria, after the events of the so-called Blue Revolution

Description of Appearance:

Height: 6'3", Black hair and dark, penatrating eyes.

Handsome, but not theateningly, Lucius is always seen with a strong, confident stride.

Decisive beyond his years and has a very persuasive way about him.

No outward signs of which god he follows is visible.

Major motivations:

Believes he is the descendent of the old Lords of the Cytherian Frontier. He is fanatical about obtaining the goal of reuniting the entire Frontier and bringing it and its people back to their former glory ... no matter what. Despite this fanatisism, he is very controlled and vary charismatic. People in his presence generally feel confident and scared at the same time.


Excerps from "Cytheria! The Early History of Lucius D'Cythra .. An Unauthorized Account"

The Beginning

In 2145, Lucuis D'Cythra was born Luke Caplar, to Betty and Davis Caplar. Growing up in the village of Silverwater was a hard life for the Caplars'. Davis was a fisherman, Betty a local alchemist, they barely made a living.

The elder Caplar would take his son on many fishing trips, telling tales of the golden days of the Frontier, where men fought bravely against Tyedu and earned a place in history. Many times Davis would tell his son of a family secret, that they were one of the ruling families of Cytheria, at the height of Cytherian unity and power. He would also lament the loss of that power due to actions by the Empire. Sometimes it was said the armies of the Empire took control and knighted their own leader; other times it was bribes and influence the Empire used to take control and sometimes it was both. That how never seemed to matter and the fact that these rants were made when his father was drunk was missed upon the impressionable youth.

Luke decided early on that he wanted to right the wrong that was done to his family many generations ago. Many youths make vows like this, but Luke was different. The internal fire within the youngest D'Cythra was evident early. Never the strongest or most intelligent amoung his piers, Luke always found a way to be on the winning side of the game or contest he was involved in. Always the charmer, he was very well liked, but more then that, Luke always found a way to make the people around him feel like he or she was the most important person in the world to him, all the while making sure they were working toward whatever goal he had in mind. This, in hindsight, was an early glimpse in the modus operandi of this future Lord.

Knowledge was an early goal of Luke, always researching what was happening and more importantly why something happened. Of particular interests was politics and the internal workings of the Empire. Luke even made several trips to the Grand Library in Kuras to study what from the viewpoint of others.

Military Service

Luke serverd his time in the National Guard, as all people of the Frontier must. He quickly convinced his superiors that he would be more useful using the alchemical knowledge passed on to him by his mother, once again getting exactly the outcome he was looking for.

At the end of his tour, life in the Frontier changed .. Tyedu had invaded again. Seeing the slaughter of many of his brothers-in-arms, Luke became outspoken about the strategy of the Leonius leadership. As everone knows by now, the Leonius family took a strategy of defense - giveing up ground where needed, but rarely attacking or counter-attacking unless odds were overwhelmingly on their side. Luke saw the loss of soldiers, villages and their people for no gain as completely against the culture of his people, calling it a criminal and selfish act. During this time, he learned to to watch and listen, finding people that believed the way he did. This is where he met Mitrik Sigers, a man who is to be very enfluencial.

Actively orgaining demonstrations and giving speaches drew the attention of the ruling family at an early time. This one of the few mistakes in young Luke's life. Soon, he was arrested and thrown out of the country. Despairing and desolute, Luke found his way back to Kuras. In this key moment of his life, two very influencial events happened. First, he is widely remored to have had a vision/ None but him knows what he saw, but since then, Luke assumed the name Lucius D'Cythra, the surname that he believed was his by birthright. Second, he met Shaniqua Stont, a trade representative from the southern reaches of Avlis. These two have been seen together frequently ever since.

Unrest and the Blue Revolution

While Cytheria (then Lomar) and the goverment of King Calaor offers shelter and lip service to Halstead, nothing beyond defending the current border is done. This upsets the prideful Frontierman, eager to push the barbarians back to the far north. The military also feels this puts their lands in jepardy, now having to guard not only the northern approaches, but an eastern front against the barbarians as well. Lucius sees an opportunity to discredit the King and put himself in charge, only this time he would build his support first.

Lucius quickly returned to his homeland. Learning from his early mistakes, Lucius took a much more patient approach, coming to select groups of people first building a following. First he approached a losely formed group that we now know as the Order of the Wolf. After a time, he won this small but strong and loyal group of followers.

Taking full advantage of the support and arms of the Order of the Wolf, Lucius travels from village to village, talking to people, first the influencial ones and the military. After gaining the support of the military and elders in a town, he then gives speaches to the common folk, building his speaches to a cressendo that leaves them wanting to hear more. His speaches to them are one of a kind, almost hypnoitic, as he taps into long suppressed national pride amoungst the frontiermen. After successfully making the his points, he then selected a choosen few to remain behind and continue to fan the nationalistic fires. These select few were all members of the his ultra loyalists group The Order of the Wolf, whom he converted to his point of view several years ago.

Finally, after gaining support of a great majority of the villages, he is able to take on the capital city of Lomar (now Cythras), once again first talking to small groups and finally building up to the what became known as the Blue Revolution.

Lord of Cytheria

Now in power, he continues to make people feel like they are the most important and their is a common enemy of all the frontiersmen. First, Lucius decreed that there was freedom of religion, feeding into the many religions that had formed over the centuries in Cytheria. Second, he quickly formed an alliance with the Goverment-in-Exile of Halstead and the Goverment of Pylatea regarding actions to deposed the invading Tydedu forces from Halstead, or as Lucius commonly puts it, from the eastern parts of the Cytherian Frontier. With these agreements in hand, Lucius went to the people, making grand speaches to focus the people's attention on the common enemy of Tyedu.

Inner Council of Cytheria

Currently, Cytheria is ruled by Lord Lucius D'Cythra and the Inner Council of Cytheria. This relationship is unique in Kurathane because it is a total share of power - each in charge of their departments of government, versus one person rulership. This is made possible by the personality and charisma of Lucius D'Cythra, who is able to keep these diverse and highly ambitious personalities focused for the good of Cytheria. Of course, the leadership has not been in power long, so who knows how long this form of goverment remains effective.

Shaniqua Stont

Grand Visor of the Court.

Lead Trade Nagotiator and Economic Advisor

Due to the fact Shaniqua has no known Cytherian/Kurathene heritage she keeps very quiet about personal info and thoughts to the point she will go simply by the tital "Grand Advisor" and not her name in public when she relocates. Inside the small inner circle she'll open up more but may dodge certain questions all together. Some may think (and rightfully so) that theres a strong feeling of Paranoia and secrecy

Kalgar Darthvord

Character: Kalgar Darthvord

Lord of the Wolf

Commander of the Cytherian Marines

Background information: Kalgar comes of a small village on the fringes of the Kurathene Empire in Cytheria that boarders Tyedu and has grown up always being taut to have honour in battle and to judge a person by how they treat others.

At the age of 18 his parents where killed in a skirmish with Tyedu barbarians attacking his village which resulted in him having to flee the burning ashes of his once proud home and go out into the word that is overrun by murderous villains. As a result of this Kalgar is not as 'honourable' as he once was because he has figured out he cant have honour for potential foes when they dont have honour for him. He is now quick to anger towards any rivals or people he does not like, never hesitateing to draw his blade.

Kalgar came to be in Mikona at around the age of 20, around the same time people where being escorted to Visimontium by able adventures from all over Avlis. Being in Mikona and M'Chek lead Kalgar to meet Whisper, a follower of Ra-Ghul to which Kalgar quickly befreinded and then continued to learn more of the demi god Ra-Ghul and the fury within.

The word on the street is that Kalgar, ever the opportunists, has already made a power play within the Inner Council and Military since his return to The Frontier. Taking advantage of Field Marshall Mitrik Sigers being tied up in the north overseeing the defenses of Cytheria, Kalgar has convinced the Inner Council to appoint him Commander of the Cytherian Marines, to go along with his other responsibilites. It remains to be seen if this will satisfy him or if there is more power plays to come.

Mitrik Sigers

Field Marshall of the Cytherian Armed Forces

Mitriks father, Marcus Sigers, was born in Mikona where he was well known as a brawler. He made his living as an enforcer for the “other�? law enforcement agency in the city and he was very good at his job. One day, he came face to face with his conscience and refused a job from one of the higher-ups in the organization he worked for. Needless to say, people in Marcus’s position do not refuse orders, so he left town on the run. Luckily, he met up with a traveling merchant leaving Mikona that day. The lead guard knew Marcus by his rough neck reputation and hired him on as a guard.

This merchant was heading for the Great Kurathene Empire, hoping to make his fortune trading between the quibbling fiefs up there. It would not be an easy route as many of the poorer fiefs or wild lands between could easily target him and seize his goods, which was why he kept a sizable, well paid and trained group of guards with him for his journeys.

Oscar, the lead guard, took Marcus under his wing and began to teach him the ways of Merchant Train guarding. At first, Marcus resisted his ways and authority. Marcus was a born brawler, bred in the hard slums in Mikona. His weapons of choice were his fists and a cudgel and they had served him well in many, many confrontations. He knew what he was doing and he’d show Oscar what he was about soon enough. It wasn’t long before bandits gave Marcus his chance to prove himself. Greatly outnumbered buy mercs and bandits in the wilds of M’Chek, it seemed sure to Marcus that this expedition would fail before it ever got its start. But the only thing that came near to ending that day was Marcus’ life. Like a true brawler, he charged into the bandits with his cudgel sure that he would send them all to whatever hell they deserved. They made short work of him and were it not for the efforts of the young Dela, Cleric of Toran, his story would have ended there.

Marcus was reborn that day. He so pointedly saw the error of his chaotic ways and how the trained skill and discipline of the guards so soundly defeated the apparently overwhelming number of bandits. From that day forward Marcus became an apt student, trading in his fists and cudgel for a longsword and shield. His wayward philosophies abandoned as he became a devout student of Toran. In this, he became pupil of the Cleric Dela who he was quickly falling in love with.

Marcus and Dela stayed with the Merchant for many years and they distinguished themselves in his defense. Oscar passed on the mantle of lead guard to Marcus when he retired in Kuras, an honor he solemnly accepted. While trading in the North the merchant, nearing his own retirement, released Marcus and Dela from his service just as Cassius Leonius of Lomar was beginning his campaign against the Northern Barbarians. They both eagerly enlisted in the Lomarian Marines. Marcus distinguished himself on the field of battle and quickly rose through the ranks. By the end of the campaign he found himself the Proconsul of the Marines, trusted advisor to The King and a father to his son, Mitrik.

Fearing that his son would follow in the wayward footsteps of his father, Marcus began with the teachings of Toran at an early age. Mitrik excelled in his studies. He had inherited his father’s skill with a blade and his mother’s sharp mind. But, much to his father’s dismay, he also inherited his father’s strong will ((not to be confused with ‘will save’ because that’s terrible )) and questioning nature. Mitrik grew up during the ill settled years following the Barbarian War and the Leonius family’s seizure of the Lomarian Throne.

While not by any means public knowledge it was whispered that the deaths of Delen and Bojar were not accidents and that perhaps Cassius had more a hand in it than at first believed. People realized they were better off under the old regime and were quickly becoming discontent with the new power. One of these ‘malcontents’ was the young Mitrik Sigers. He was very conflicted at this age. He loved his father and believed without question for so long the teachings of Toran but couldn’t look about his home and not think that something was wrong. While Toran so obviously helped in his studies with the sword and military strategy why could it not help bring peace and prosperity to his home? Or to the Empire in general? He began asking questions of his father that he was ill prepared to answer and was often met with rebuke for daring to question Torans ideals.

Mitrik sought answers elsewhere. He began to frequent pubs and bars where others who questioned the establishment hung out. One of these people was Lucius D’Cythra. They quickly became fast friends as Lucius shared many of the questions that Mitrik had been asking for so long. They would often joke and plan how they would rule Lomar if given the chance. Mitrik never believed it was anything more than foolish fancy but through Lucius, Mitrik was given a glimpse outside the world of Toran and while it gave him even more questions, it also gave him a measure of peace. At least he wasn’t alone and, perhaps, answers were out there.

Things in Lomar progressively became worse and worse. Taxes went through the roof and the King seemed to take more and more liberties from the people. Mitrik was distraught when the king, in a seeming attempt to placate the masses, created the “Citizen�? class. Were not all natural born Lomarians citizens? This question was answered when King Cassius declared that Lomar was now to be called Leonius. Frustrated that he couldn’t even gain the ear of his father, Mitrik realized that the answers he sought could not be found here and that he had to seek them elsewhere. He wrote his father a letter explaining the reason for his departure said goodbye and good luck to his friend Lucius and left for the south. He hoped that one day he could reconcile his conflicting emotions and find answers about himself and his home.

Mitrik left, fearing that his father would never understand and that he had never even heard the arguments Mitrik had been making. He expected to be disowned by his family and while this saddened him he knew it was something he had to do. However, this was not the case. Marcus had indeed been listening and while slow to come around he began to see Lomar in the light that his son and his friends had been seeing it for some time now. Marcus was also frustrated at the turn of events Cassius was bringing about. This wasn’t order and justice…this was turning into tyranny. Tyranny from an unjust leader who sought power for himself and his line, while providing little of what the people he was beholden to required. Marcus felt trapped. He knew what needed to be done and yet could not bring himself to do it. The only course of action he could take would forever brand him as a traitor and would taint the Sigers name and shame him in the eyes of Toran. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long for another opportunity to arise.

In what became known as the Summer of Discontent, the people rose up against The King. Led by Lucius D’Cythra, the people of Lomar held numerous demonstrations and rallies denouncing the King. Sympathizing with the demonstrators the National Guard refused to disperse the mob. King Cassius demanded that Marcus call up the Marines to quell the insurrection. This was the tipping point for the King. The Marines could easily have stopped the demonstrations and quite possibly taken the National Guard to heel as well. However, Marcus, Proconsul of the Marines, defied his king and refused to call the Marines to arms. Citing a centuries old law stating that the Marines were to never bare arms in the Capital, Marcus sealed the fate of the Leonius family. Lucius, finding that there was no military opposition to him, took the Capital.

Since Cassius had recently fled when he found all was lost, Lucius accepted the surrender of the Leonius Government from Marcus Sigers. Lucius greatly respected the actions of Marcus and asked him to become the Field Marshal of his armies. Marcus refused. He felt that he would be too much of a reminder of the old regime. That it would be a bad idea for the new ruler to take on someone whom many may not look favorably on. But Marcus had a person in mind, a person trained since birth to lead armies, a great warrior in his own right, a man with the dedication to his friends, family and homeland needed in a leader, a man with the sense to ask questions and not take what is given him for grant. Lucius was shocked to learn here that his good friend Mitrik was also the son of Proconsul Marcus Sigers, but he also knew that Mitrik was the perfect choice.

Danicia Swifthand

Director of Foreign Intelligence

History: (brief) Mother a human from northern kurathene empire who fled to Mikona because of her beliefs and necromancy practices...allegedly. She joined the army to fight the elves.

Father an elf from the T'Nanshi army.

Both met on the battlefield and after many undecided battles spoke and found a common interest. both quit the army (well deserted) and lived in the mountains surrounding Visimontium.

Soon after Danicia was born. They befriended a solitary monk in the mountains who was on his way to enlightenment took to raising and training Danicia in many ways of living in the mountains by training of the mind and body. From her mother she gained her wizard abilities. Later when Danicia was ready she was shown the path of pale mastery.

Danicia took the pale mastery training for a specific purpose. To take on an enemy's abilities and use it against them.

Now she wishes to return and seek out her mothers past and why she left. Asking her mother gives a stoney silence and a change of subject.

Other notable People of Cytheria

Captain Lorisa Bross

Captain of Defenses for Fort Bross.

Lorisa had a very hard life at home.

Her father was a drunk and used to beat her every night. Her mother didn't know anything about it because she was always out gambling. At 16 years old, she decided that she had had enough of the hard life. She ran away from home, and for 2 years she lived on the streets. She ate small amouts of food each day, for she had no coins to pay for food. She took a liking to killing things, mainly for food, but soon found that it was kind of fun and stress relieving. She, and lots of other people, thought that she could handle a blade well. She often thought that she had inherited her instinctive fighting skills from her grandfather, who was Procouncil of the National Guard.

She heard a rumor that her father was out looking for her, and she moved to a city called Elysia to get away and to get some coins for more food. She earned coins by doing some errands, then eventually getting enough coins to buy food, a decent set of armour, and a nice weapon. She often went into caves and fought all sorts of things. Remembering stories about her Great-Grandfather, who was a war hero in the Kurathen Empire, and having nothing tieing her to southern Avlis, she decided that she would travel to the Kurathene Empire.

Traveling to the north, she joined the National Guard of Leonius. She quickly demonstrasted her fighting skills and leadership skills in several defensive actions against an offensive by Tyedu forces.

When the fighting calmed down, Mitrik Sigers, the new Feild Marshal, came to her to talk to her about her future in the National Guard. When he gave her a choice of Lead Recruiter or Captain of Defences for Fort Bross, she jumped at the chance to follow in her Great-Grandfather's footsteps.


High Battle Mage in the Cytherian Marines

Alone for as long as she can remember, Ays found herself in Mikona. There she met a follower of Gorethar and followed him to Elysia. As a Paladin of Gorethar she joined the Order of Gorethar and attained the rank of aspirant before she left to serve in the elite army of TNanshi, the Winter Leaves, acquiring the rank of yeoman before the end of the war.

After the war she moved to Visi. Realizing she no longer held the views of a paladin she turned to Dru'El. During this time she discovered she could cast arcane magic and, becoming a member of the Trust of Andrinor, she joined the Green Order of the Forest as a mage.

She met Kalgar and fell in love. Hoping to make a new start, she moved to Cytheria with him.

Kalgar realizing her potential gave her the rank of High Battle Mage.

Daisy Stonethrow

Daisy Stonethrow was born and raised in the village of Silver Water where her family makes a humble living fishing out of the cold waters of the bay. Her parents, being devout followers of Senath, always encouraged their children to excell in competition and games of strategy, that they may be well prepared for whatever challenges they will face in life.

Daisy was the only girl among five brothers, and though she would often lose in games of skill against them, when it came to darts she was always the champion. Thus, as her brothers went off to fight in the National Guard, and after hearing Lord D'Cythra's speech, Daisy knew that she, too, must do her part to fight for the Jewel of the North.

Palin Brisbane

Rank: Man-at-arms

Squadron: The Death Sharks

Religion: Gorethar

Palin was born in farmer village in Halstead that bordered with Tyedu. As with many people in that feif, life ended when the barbarians invaded his village. Palin's parents (as well as most of the villagers) were killed. Palin, but a boy, fled first to Cytheria. Too proud to become a refugee, Palin traveled to Kuras to seek his destiny. There, he coverted to Gorethar and sucessfully completed his training as a paladin. He now is dedicated to enforcing the law and protecting the innocent (not necessarily in that order). Hearing the call of Cytheria to free Halstead from the barbaric hordes, Palin has joined the Cytheria military to drive the Tyedu from Halstead and avenge his parent's deaths.

Delurion Imyn – Ranger of Pelar

Born in T’Nanshi, he grew up living in a small home in the area near Zvidureth and Dwarfhome, not far from the small village his childhood friend, Finley Danesh lived. He grew up in the woods, learning the ways of nature and of hunting. Being somewhat isolated, he didn’t make a lot of friends growing up, and his social skills aren’t always the best.

During the later years of the war between T’Nanshi and Mikona, Delurion decided to leave home and strike out on his own. Shortly after this, the area was overrun by Shaahesk, and many elves in the area were killed or captured. To this day, Delurion doesn’t know if his parents are alive or dead.

Delurion is a fairly strong and nimble elf, of average looks and intelligence. He has specialized in the use of the longbow since he was first able to pull back the string, but is also skilled at the used of the two-handed fighting style. However, in hand-to-hand combat he often resorts to the use of very large shield to protect himself, having neither the staying power or heavy armor of a front-line fighter. He is very dedicated to his friends, and still has some of that innocence that is found in those when they first go out into the world on their own.

He is active in FEAT, and so has ties to Danicia Swifthand and Mitrik Sigers. He is also a 4A member, and so is somewhat knowledgeable about weapons and armor crafting.

Arcturius Greycastle III

Arcturius was orphaned at an early age, and though he was raised lovingly by priests of Dra’Nar, the question of why his parents were killed was never answered to his satisfaction. Until, at the impressionable age of 12, he met a priest of Toran, who explained to him that Toran has a grand plan, and that everything that happens does so for a reason, even if we as mere mortals cannot comprehend. Needing the security that the Church of Toran provided, Arcturius quickly latched on to Toran’s faithful, and dedicated his life to understanding the teachings of Toran.

Over the course of the next several years, many a day was spent in either quiet contemplation of his faith in Toran's Will, or intense study, honing his fighting abilities. Arcturius was happy with his life at the Temple, content. But it is inevitable that change works its magic upon us all, and so it was with the young Toranite. Word reached his ears that Halstead had fallen to forces from Tyedu. And when he learned of rumors of Cytheria's plans to liberate their neighbors, he felt in his heart the pulling of Toran's call.

With the approval of his teachers, Arcturius packed his few meager belongings, and set out north. He would lend his sword and his faith to those in need, hoping to ensure order amongst the chaos that rides upon the backs of the dogs of war. Where his future will take him, he does not know, nor does he yet know why his parents were taken from him, but his unshakeable faith assures him that should he perform his duties to Toran’s satisfaction, all will be revealed to him in good time.

Jeras Frostwoven

Jeras Frostwoven was sixth born of his father Moram and his mother Kalis. His first few years he grew up in the freezing cold of the north, just west of what was Leonius.

During a fierce blizzard in his tenth winter, Jeras got split up from his family. His family never did find him, and Jeras ended up with a caravan headed to Kuras.

Even though Jeras' parents looked for him for weeks, Jeras has always thought his parents abandoned him that day in the blizzard, and he's had a chip on his shoulder ever since.

Jeras has spent the last ten years going between Kuras and Leonius, making whatever living he can. He hasn't made any friends, and he likes it that way.

Recently, a band of barbarians wearing Tyedu gear ambushed Jeras, robbed him, and dumped him off south of Kuras. Since then, he's had an interest in the skirmish with Tyedu...although he's not sure where this is taking him. He's not one to care much about the world's problems.


Common IC knowledge about Day in Northern Avlis:

The citizens of Kuras see the tiny figure ever veiled and fully covered in snow white robes trimmed with green for the first time in the autumn of 2163. She presents herself as Day, Healer of Cha'reth. In the months before winter falls, Day becomes a frequent sight around the farmlands, gathering herbs and helping the needy, be it with healing or a kind word. In the first evening of the new year to come Day leaves north to Cytheria, led by Kalgar Darthvord. Since then, Day rarely leaves the frozen frontier, which at the time is flooded with refugees from Halstead, overrun with barbarians from Tyedu. She often is referred to as "Mother Day".

For common IC knowledge about Day in Southern Avlis, look here.

Ferris Floydsson

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Rank: Captain

Squadron: Death Sharks

Appearance: He is tall for an human, muscular, has short deep red hair and mostly is well-dressed. His sharp brown eyes and his mostly grim facial expression are remarkable, if you look at him.

Ferris was born as the second son of Farmer Floyd in the outskirts of the capital of Kuras. Melania, his mother, was a former monkish cleric of Senath and she taught him to focus on his spiritual powers during his childhood. Menalia came from a nearly forgotten northwestern island of the Kurathene empire, mostly inhabited by Suriku monks. Ferris got his first lesson at the age of 12 by the Suriku Grandmaster Mejin who told him the wielding of a kama and several dodging, jumping and flipping techniques to avoid wounds during battle and prepared him to master the balance between his spirit and body. After completing his training, Mejin gave Melania a sealed letter for Floyd, which he shall open, if Ferris gets 18. Melania and Ferris returned then to Kuras after his 1 year long training was completed and letter was kept by the family over the 6 further years.
Floyd, who also worshipped Senath, just had his farms in his mind and did not care much about meditation and education. He however taught Ferris to use wise strategies concerning trades and life saving tactics in the game hunting. At the weekends Floyd and Ferris often were seen traveling to Soreign towards the temple of Senath for their prayers.
Traditionally the Floyd family exported over decades vegetables and meat to the surrounding fiefs in Kurathene empire. While Ferris most often was hunting for bringing the meat, his older brother Rubin supported Floyd all days and nights at the fields.
Ferris grew fast and the times past. After opening the letter of Grandmaster Mejin, long debates between his father and mother were heard within the surroundings of the Floyd farm. All were concerning the subject that Ferris himself never will get a good farmer and has to search out a blademaster to perfect his spiritual trained Suriku style. So Ferris was ordered at the age of 18 to leave the farms and to start his life on his own. Floyd told him to serve with his tactical talents a noble lord to help the empire back to old strength, next to telling him clearly the wishes of Mejin. As parting present Floyd gave him several mystical scrolls which were in the letter of Mejin. They seem to be like a manual for the further developement of the Suriku style.


Due to lacking education within schools and universities Ferris speaks an extreme rural dialect. He knows that he has to improve his pronunciation to gain reputation among the nobilities of the Kurathene fiefs. He is most loyal, but regarding his age a bit unexperienced and naive. However he has developed good instincts, which often tell him which people are right or wrong for him. He is interested in a lot of things, his curiousity is extremely high. However towards strangers he can act from extremely shy to slightly intimidating.

Recent History:
He met Commander Kalgar Darthvord in the deep powder snow areas of Cytheria and offered him his service. Thereby he entered the Cytherian Marines and is eager to learn under Darthvord the art of war. He thinks that Darthvord is able to show him a way to perfect his kama wielding Suriku style.

More info:
Ferris' battlediary
Ferris' partol reports

Drall Vraashak

Drall is a Cythras native, son of a fairly successful shipbuilder. He was priviledged enough to be educated by Senath scholars and later Monks of the Order of the Will in Kuras.

He values self-improvement and control of his body as a way to better focus his mind. He is mostly interested in the strategic equation that a war represents. He is still naive enough to believe that real life always happens following what is predicted by his theoritical models!

His upbringing left him with a strong sense of pride and nationalism for Cytheria. Lord Lucius appeals resonnated strongly with him. His father is very proud that he joined the Cytherian Marines.

Devon Osis

I was given birth roughly 50 years ago in the icy wastes of Cytheria, near the border to Halstead and Tyedu. A sound thought from my parents side brought us soon south, in the more moderate climate of Osannia. Living close to the Hammerrift took its toll, though: My family lived not past their 5th year in the east of Osannia. So it came that my youthful strength was willingly apoted by the Silver Swords mercenery company. In the coming 30 years this company was employed by 5 major fiefs in the Kurathene Empire. After 20 years of service i found myself in the position of the second-in-command, which soon, after an almost tragic battle in the fields of Arvanos, became the first. The coming 10 years under my command led to the wealthiest time for the Silver Swords. Counting roughly 150 very well trained, disciplined warriors, our missions became harder and riskier, and were successful every time - until the last. Treason and cowardice by our employer, a local Crullathian Lord, led almost to the full extinction of the Silver Swords, and the complete disbandment thereafter.

I need to emphasize that this situation, and i spoke with many tactical experts, was not to be expected and avoided, and should not affect your consideration of my tactical skills. The following years were spent within the walls of Centerpoint, the City of Kuras. But alas! Even though I have reached a respectable age, it is too early to lie down and rest. Not at least this was shown in my role with the defeat of Aballaxxhar, the demon who held Kuras in its grip of terror for many months.

Therefor I decided to lend my skills and experience to Cytheria, the place of my origin.


Ania is Romni, and grew up all over Avlis as her group wandered. While in her teens, she was in Kuras. A fellow happened to notice she was more talented then anyone else he had ever seen when she read the Tarot Cards. He saw natural talent, and talked her into leaving her band and joining him while he taught her how to hone her mental skills. This person who took her in was a priest, who converted Ania the his God. The problem was that Senath was outlawed in Kuras. a year later, when the priest was exposed running an undergraound church of Senath in Kuras, before he was taken to his execution, Ania promised him she would bring the Church back and it would be not only allowed, but one of the most powerful entities in the Empire before she died.

It is now time for her to come north and fulfill this oath

Leto von Elis

Not that much is actually known about Leto's background, and he is reluctant to speak of it. What is known is that he was adopted by a noble's family, in Mikona, at a very young age. He left his adoptive parents as soon as he was old enough, and never looked back. For some reason he loathes everything associated with the nobility.

After arriving to Kuras he met Ferris Floydsson, Captain in the Cytherian Marines. Ferris gladly showed him around and told him about the different fiefs and their lords. They hunted and crafted together and eventualy became friends. Soon Leto joined the Cytherian forces as a Battle Mage. Much thanks to Ferris influence, but also because he felt that he had finally found a place where he belongs.

Proconcil Antonius D'Paul


Proconcil of the Legion

Head of the Legion answerable only to Field Marshal Mitrik Sigers.

Antonius D'Paul grew up in the southern region of Cytheria, close to the Julaspium border. His military potential was sited early on and was quickly recruited into the Legion and proceded through commander training.

Though a brillant organizer and very good at tactical moves, some say Procouncil D'Paul's downside is his brash demeanor with his troops and air of superiority. He has thus far held his tongue with the new rulers, though he considers some to be his inferior. Luckily for D'Paul, Cytheria needs his organizational skills at this time.

Marine Recruits

((These are PC's under review for joining the Marines))

Nivius Hrafen-Malstrom

Nivius Hrafen-Malstrom was born in the village of Durastan in the year 2153 as first and only son after 8 daughters of Leonius and Silvia Hrafen-Malstrom. After a fairly uneventful childhood Nivius was drafted into the National Guard, were he soon volunteered for the Legion. Leonius, a smith and veteran soldier of the Legion, supported Nivius' decision to join the Cytherian Legion. The fact that there had just been a revolution did not let him hesitate, it rather spured him to join the Legion, because Nivius, just as his father, is a Valokite and for that reason a supporter of Lucius, who made openly worshipping Valok in Cytheria possible again.

In the Legion, Nivius always stood out due to his charismatic and resourceful nature, and was advancing quickly. Recently, his superiors suggested he should join the Marines as they are in need for good soldiers and now, as soon as his leave he is spending in Kuras ends, he will return to Cytheria to join the Marines.

Historical Figures in Cytheria's History

General Korizan Nikolas

The first general of the Cytherian Marines, General Korizan Nikolas made a name for himself recruiting and organizing the then fledgling Cytherian Marines. General Nikolas was able to pull the young Marines together long enough to fight during the Pirate Trade Wars, earning a resounding defeat at the Battle of Bane Iceburg.

The General died trying to save the Town of Silver Waters from a raid by the pirate Negropan. The Maines were able to repel the pirates but not before the town was destroyed and the loss of Nikolas.

Proconcil Marcus Sigers

Proconcil of the Cytherian Marines, father to Mitrik Sigers.

A war hero during the recent defenses against the Tyedu Forces, Marcus was involved in a pivotal point during the Blue Revolution. By not entering the capital to defend the King, he spelled the final demise of the King.

Captain Sebatian Bross

Captain Sebatian Bross 1308 ~ 1392

As written and recorded by Barnaby Black, Sergeant-at-Arms under Captain Bross

Captain Sebatian Bross was born in 1308. He was a very active kid. He would make fake swords and fight imaginary bad guys. At the age of 18 he left home to go to camp at the National Guard base. He fought very well and was asked to be a long term member of the National Guard. He gladly accepted because he thought that he could protect Lomar(the early Cytheria) with a good heart and a good blade. He helped fight back a few barbarian raids. Then when the 3rd Tyeduan War began, all of the army was stressing because this was the hardest the barbarians had ever fought. Sebatian came forward and made the National Guard beleive in themselves again. With the rest of the National Guards help he fought the Tyedu barbarians and eventually got them out and away from Lomar.

Because of this war, he had a fort built in his honor. It was called Fort Bross and it is close to where the Tyedu Nation is. In the inner fort, there is the barracks, a hospital, a blacksmith. There is a tavern made especially for Captain Sebation Bross. He liked to go into the tavern and drink untill he couldn't walk anymore. The guards always thought this was funny and Sebatian laughed along with them. When Sebatian would wake up after a good night's sleep, he wouldn't remember stepping foot into the tavern, let alone getting drunk and falling down the stairs when he went to his room.

Over time the fort's needs got bigger. The National Guard built an outside area to the fort. It includes a building that has a few merchants for when the people living in the fort need something. And it's always nice to go down and have a chat with them. The outside of the fort also includes a few houses because Captain Sebatian Bross beleived that no one should be left out of the fight... even if they can't fight well.

Captain Sebatian Bross said that when he died he wanted to be buried in the Fort Bross flowergardeb. He wanted to be buried in this spot because he loved smelling the flowers before he went into battle. He said that it clensed his soul. He got his wish and is buried in the Fort flowergarden next to his favorite flower. Many people still visit his grave each day. He was a great person in histiory and still is.

Without Captain Sebatian Bross, Cytheria wouldn't be the same.

All hail Captian Sebatian Bross.