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Leto von Elis
Leto von Elis
Race: Half-Elf
Sex: Male
Classes: Wizard Palemaster
Guild affiliations:

Member Magus, Red Order of the Flame
Deputy Sentinel of Visimontium
Former Marine War Mage in The Military of Cytheria

Most active on server: Visimontium, Mikona

21 years old, black hair, unusually pale skin, piercing green eyes.

Leto can sometimes give the impression of a rather shady character. His green eyes often wander, watching his surroundings with suspicion. He does not speak more than he has to, and chooses his words with care when he does. Even though his remarks are polite and his manners impeccable... there is still a somewhat somber feeling about him.


Not that much is actually known about Leto's background, and he is reluctant to speak of it. What is known is that he was adopted by a noble's family, in Mikona, at a very young age. He left his adoptive parents as soon as he was old enough, and never looked back. For some reason he loathes everything associated with the nobility.

After arriving to Kuras he met Ferris Floydsson, Captain in the Cytherian Marines. Ferris gladly showed him around and told him about the different fiefs and their lords. They hunted and crafted together and eventualy became friends. Soon Leto joined the Cytherian forces as a Battle Mage. Much thanks to Ferris influence, but also because he felt that he had found a place where he belonged.

Personal Journal of Leto von Elis