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Name: Ferris Floydsson

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: He is tall for an human, muscular, has short deep red hair and mostly is well-dressed. His sharp brown eyes and his mostly grim facial expression are remarkable, if you look at him.


Ferris was born as the second son of Farmer Floyd in the outskirts of the capital of Kuras. Melania, his mother, was a former monkish cleric of Senath and she taught him to focus on his spiritual powers during his childhood. Menalia came from a nearly forgotten northwestern island of the Kurathene empire, mostly inhabited by Suriku monks. Ferris got his first lesson at the age of 12 by the Suriku Grandmaster Mejin who told him the wielding of a kama and several dodging, jumping and flipping techniques to avoid wounds during battle and prepared him to master the balance between his spirit and body. After completing his training, Mejin gave Melania a sealed letter for Floyd, which he shall open, if Ferris gets 18. Melania and Ferris returned then to Kuras after his 1 year long training was completed and letter was kept by the family over the 6 further years.
Floyd, who also worshipped Senath, just had his farms in his mind and did not care much about meditation and education. He however taught Ferris to use wise strategies concerning trades and life saving tactics in the game hunting. At the weekends Floyd and Ferris often were seen traveling to Soreign towards the temple of Senath for their prayers.
Traditionally the Floyd family exported over decades vegetables and meat to the surrounding fiefs in Kurathene empire. While Ferris most often was hunting for bringing the meat, his older brother Rubin supported Floyd all days and nights at the fields.
Ferris grew fast and the times past. After opening the letter of Grandmaster Mejin, long debates between his father and mother were heard within the surroundings of the Floyd farm. All were concerning the subject that Ferris himself never will get a good farmer and has to search out a blademaster to perfect his spiritual trained Suriku style. So Ferris was ordered at the age of 18 to leave the farms and to start his life on his own. Floyd told him to serve with his tactical talents a noble lord to help the empire back to old strength, next to telling him clearly the wishes of Mejin. As parting present Floyd gave him several mystical scrolls which were in the letter of Mejin. They seem to be like a manual for the further developement of the Suriku style.


Due to lacking education within schools and universities Ferris speak an extreme rural dialect. He knows that he has to improve his pronunciation to gain reputation among the nobilities of the Kurathene fiefs. He is most loyal, but regarding his age a bit unexperienced and naive. However he has developed good instincts, which often tell him which people are right or wrong for him. He is interested in a lot of things, his curiousity is extremely high. However towards strangers he can act from extremely shy to slightly intimidating.