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Posters, Speeches and Propoganda from Cytheria

The below are common knowledge/widely distributed information.





Year 2170: Lord Lucuis speach following the signing of the Cytherian-Halstead Military Pact

The following speech was heard from Lord Lucuis and recorded by traders passing through the village of Durastan:

People of the Durastan, follow Frontiersmen, brothers and sisters of Cytheria, history is upon us now.

I hear the calls of our brothers and sisters to the east! For seven long years, our brothers to the east have been under the occupation of the barbaric Tyedu and vile Melikites while my predecessors sat back and did nothing to support our fellow Frontiersmen.

I hear the calls of our brother and sisters to the east! For seven long years, we have busied ourselves with defending ourselves, but not pressing the attack to the invaders. I say that this was very shortsighted of my predesesors and we have lost many opportunties to press the attack and take back The Frontier.

I hear the calls of our brothers and sisters to the east! Their men, woman and childeren, suffering, fighting and dying every day, calling for the help of civilized people throughout The Empire and receiveing none. I say it is time for Frontiersmen to stand up for The Frontier!

I hear the calls of our brothers and sisters to the east! These calls ring in my head and heart, eating away at me like an acid, tearing at my very soul. No matter what god you worship, not one of us can be at peace with this. I say to do nothing is not only bad for Cytheria, but more importantly, morally wrong!

I hear the calls of our brothers to the east, the men, women and childeren entrusted to the care of Halstead. I will not continue to ignore their pleads for salvation and retribution. The People of The Frontier wil not ever be enslaved and occumpied while there is still breath in my lungs. I say that the invaders must be crushed!

Frontiersman, do you hear the calls?! Can you see their tortured faces, smell their burning flesh!
If you hear the call, if you have the soul and fire of a true Frontiersman, I implore you to join me now, to call out together in one voice to be heard throughout The Frontier, throughout The Empire, nay, throughout all of Avlis,

"Brothers and Sisters to our east, We hear the call! We will have no invader occupying our homeland, death to all that threaten The Frontier!"

What say you all! For Cytheria, for The Frontier!

The crowd answers, "For Cytheria, for The Frontier!!"

The crowd noise growes in intensity, men and women darting to their homes. Shortly these frontiersmen come out, traveling packs on their shoulders, weapons holstered. Several have the blue banners or other symbols of the recent Blue Revolution in the arms. A fire is seen in their eyes as they move as a group to the east, toward Halstead, toward redemption.

Speach to a large group of Halstead Refugees at White Deer (Northeast Cytheria), March 23, 2182

*Lord D'Cythra, clad in his new armor and personal bodyguard in step, can be seen walking a safe distance behind the front lines, talking with troops as he goes, giving words of encouragement and praise to the brave soldiers of the Northern Alliance.
After a while, Lucius ends up in White Deer, where there are many Halstead refugees. He goes up to many of them, talking to them in groups. As he goes along, Cytherian troops are handing out needed items: Clothing, cloaks, fire wood, fruit, healing supplies and many more.
More and more people gather around the Cytherian Lord, looking for words of blessing from him. After he is sure to have attention of most of the people in the town, Lucius gets up on a battlement to be better heard.*

My Brothers and Sisters of the Frontier!

Thank you very much for your reception of me here today. I am truely humbled by your heart and enthusiasm.

You have every reason to be downtrodden ... defeated ... accepting of a fate your don't deserve ... but NO, not you, not my Frontiermen. It has been a trying time for everyone, but I am strengthened by the spirit I see from everyone here!

*Lucius waits while the cheers calm down*

This .. this incredible strength of hear and spirit I see in you all .. is a credit to your heritage, your leadership and you the individual! Cytherian and the Northern Alliance would not be able to be beating back the Tyedu Occupiers without knowning that there are people counting on us here .. you, the people of Halstead.

Let us raise our voices to the Lady Lucia, your leader, and to you, the indominatable people of Halstead.!

*Lucius waits while the cheers calm down*

We bring the fight back to the Horde and it is for you .. you and that spirit that Cytheria and the Northern Alliance have come to help. You make our victories against the Horde possible!

*Lucius waits while the cheers calm down*

Today, you come to me and tell me of your hopes and wishes.

You tell me that you are still in it for the long haul
I hear you and I see it in your hearts and faces.

You tell me that you want your homes back
I hear you and I see it in your hearts and faces.

You tell me that you want your lands back
I hear you and I see it in your hearts and faces.

You tell me that you want your livelyhoods back.
I hear you and I see it in your hearts and faces.

Now hear me people of the Frontier!
I hear you ... Cytheria hears you ... the troops Northern Alliance hear you .. and soon ... SOON ... your voices will be heard in the confines of Fort Hastead again!!

*The cheers can be heard for great distances, with chants of "For the Frontier" being played out again and again. Word of the speach is spread far and wide*