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Bruno Knotslinger
Race: Halfling
Classes: Rogue, Shadowdancer, Fighter
Guild affiliations: ROTE, FEAT, Guild:CLOTH
Most active on server: Ferrell
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Childhood Years

Bruno Knotslinger was born the 4th, maybe 5th, child to Lucella (Luci) and Frankfurt (Franky) Knotslinger. He has 6 siblings (oldest to youngest): Lucinda (Little Luci), Franky Jr., Yancey, Julius, Veronia, and Markus. Bruno has heard talk within his siblings that there was an older brother who died in a horrible accident, possibly a run-in with an umber hulk, before reaching the age of 5 years. Due to the amount of practical jokes that his brothers and sisters like to play on one another, he is still not sure if it's just a sick joke or if there is some truth to the story. He's afraid to approach his parents and ask.

From the moment of his birth, Bruno and his family travelled constantly all over Avlis, working the carnivals and fairs wherever they may be. If asked, Bruno is quick to tell anyone that "working" didn't mean "working for" the carnivals or fairs. Upon reaching the age of a young adult, Bruno decided he didn't much care for that type of life, so he left his family and made his way to Elysia. The split from his family wasn't exactly amicable, but it was something Bruno knew had to be done.

Arrival in Elysia

Immediately upon his arrival to Elysia, he met Sally Silverbreeze. They quickly became good friends, and to this day, Bruno considers Sally to be his closest friend. Sally was, and still is, one of Bruno's favorite people to go seeking "Near Certain Death" with. The first such adventure was a trip through the Elysia sewers where Sally promptly got a kobold crossbow bolt through her eye, killing her. Bruno could do nothing but watch, not having any healing kits in his possession at the time and not posessing the combat prowess or experience to fend off the kobolds alone.

Bruno quickly adapted to an honest way of life. He was taught by a kind fellow (whose name he does not recall any longer) how to make healing kits, so a good bit of his time was occupied with the making and selling of healing kits. It wasn't long after that he met Natan Elandrill, who was kind enough to teach him how to make high quality slings. This chance meeting set Bruno on the path to becoming a tailor.


Bruno spent most of his time exploring and sewing. Sewing and exploring. He travelled frequently between Elysia, Ferrell, T'Nanshi, the canopies, and occasionally Mikona. It wasn't long before he counted the likes of Tara Cornwall, Diego DeLeon, Thomas Drakkon, Goldie Noor al-Népirtás, Willow Riverbend, Kia'Valla Sherra, and of course Sally as his closest friends. They would frequently go off on TOES expeditions (a nod to the Ferrell organization FEAT, which Bruno is now a member of). Going to find some "near certain death" was and is a favorite refrain of Bruno's.

During this time, Bruno began spending more and more time in and around Ferrell, even finding an inn room to rent in the Half-Moon inn, not that he slept there often. He usually found himself sleeping in the ROTE branch in Ferrell, where he would spend hours sewing and dabbling in herbalism and alchemy. Whenever possible, he loved to pick the brain of Gurky Bogglewig for hints and advice to advance his crafting skills. Before long, Gurky asked Bruno to become a junior partner in ROTE, and Bruno accepted.

The good times were not to last, as they never seem to do. Bruno's apprenticeship with Shyanitah was terminated abruptly when he told her that he had joined ROTE. Thomas, Willow, and Diego set off for other lands. Goldie began seeing Dameon', the present High Reaver of Maleki. Shortly after Goldie announced her engagement to Dameon', Tara committed suicide. Nhym, a friend of Bruno's and dear friend of Goldie, was found dead. But Bruno dealt with all the blows and made his way the best he could.


Bruno felt an obligation to ROTE from the very beginning, and delved almost single-mindedly into tailoring, spending days at a time with little sleep researching and mastering the craft. He traded ideas and patterns here and there, but he mastered the great majority of the patterns on his own. He is quite proud to have worked with Claire De'Lune on two occasions. The first being the construction of his Xeg-ya Strap given as a gift for helping to rid Claire's shop of a Lifeblighter. The second being Goldie's wedding dress, which was designed by Sally with some help from Bruno, but constructed by Claire with some help from Bruno.

Upon becoming a member of the ROTE family, Bruno was most certainly not business-oriented. But after time, he grew into the role, though he is likely to tell you otherwise. Before retiring from ROTE, Rory named Bruno a senior partner in ROTE, a position Bruno takes great pride in. He sees himself as a caretaker of ROTE, hoping that it never strays too far from its past.

FEAT, CLOTH, and Beyond

Most recently, Bruno was accepted as a member of FEAT, something which he feels was long overdue due to his own lack of persistence in asking for it. He was also recently offered a membership and position in CLOTH by Rorln Frizzlegomp, which he accepted proudly.

Recently, Bruno has been hunted and harrassed by a raccoon which, it turns out, is likely a powerful demon. Why this demon chooses to haunt Bruno, nobody knows. Bruno first encountered the raccoon while helping to defend Ferrell from wave after wave of electrical beasts and elementals. He was standing in the Southlands sorting through his equipment after getting seperated from the main group, and was attacked by four Ferrell wisps. As he was dispatching them, the raccoon ran up and ate the remains of the wisps, including the dust. Bruno thought it odd but didn't think much more about it than that, so he went back to Port Eridanus to catch up with the rest of the group. After a time, the raccoon snuck up on Bruno and took several hefty bites out of Bruno, nearly killing him. The raccoon could hardly be scratched, and disappeared just as quickly. Soon thereafter, after filing a report with the Shirrif regarding the attacks on the Port, Bruno was attacked in front of several others, only surviving after Delurion Imyn charmed it and led it away. (Or did it allow itself to be led away?) It was enough to give Bruno a distrust and fear of raccoons, which has been reinforced with the recent reappearance of the raccoon. He was not present for the transformation of the raccoon into the winged demon, but his best friend Sally was and reported it to the populace.