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Troth Vagral

Race: Half-orc

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Origin: M'Chek, Wilderness

Former Resident Of: Mikona

Current Residence: Unknown, Disappeared

Former Affiliations:

  • Reavers of Maleki: High Reaver
  • Church of Maleki: Priest

Current Affiliations:

  • Second Lieutenant, M'chekian Iron Fist Division ((Retired))

The Early Road

Troth was born in M'chek with only his mother Karen Vagral to care for him. As a child what little he did learn about his father was the last name that they shared with the Orc and that he couldn't be with them for unknown reasons. He lived as a fairly happy and normal child until the age of nine years old when the lonely house that he and his mother shared was ravaged by a group of bandits. Not being able to fend them off, Troth's mother told him to run and find help. He ran from the home without looking back. After quite some time went by with no help to be found Troth with a broken heart fell to the ground and wept. Though not realizing it until years later Troth lost a large part of himself lying on the ground that day, he slowly stopped crying and put the thoughts of his mother out of his mind as he stood up. He then dusted himself on and went about the business of living alone in the rural areas of M'chek.

Twists and Turns

Troth's main hobby for the next part of his life became stealing what he could to survive, though this was never done with finesse or technique, and hiding out at the edges of small villages and farmsteads to watch the people go about their lives. Seeing how emotions affected nearly every choice that was made by the people he watched made him attempt to control his own, which he would later realize to be only a defense mechanism made up of self-deception. This continued until a chance meeting near the outskirts of Mikona changed his life, for better or for worse, forever. A man named High Reaver Dameon Nepirtas, told him of his god Maleki, ready for some type of home, any home, to call his own and a twisted view of life that had been honed by years of isolation Troth listened and enjoyed what he heard.

The Road to Darkness

Troth pledged himself to Maleki and the Reavers from that point on, walking a hair thin line of fanaticism, he first began to learn how to defend himself with his chosen weapon, the dire mace. After becoming proficient with it and being able to wield it quite effectively he began to study the religious teachings of Maleki even further and entered the priesthood. Forming his own view on Maleki's teachings as he traveled the world further and in the quiet of Father Ulor's shrine he emerged ready to spread the doctrine of his faith. After finally being accepted into the Reavers he would go so far as to hold public services outside the city gates, sending couriers to all nations to place bulletins. After Dameon was asked to step down as he Reaver, Troth spoke extensively with the two new candidates for the title, Father Nestor and Cromodon Draker, a blackguard of Maleki. He decided to not openly support either and just wait to see who came out on top. In the end Father Nestor took the honor by force and Troth offered his full support and council. Fancying himself one of Nestor's top advisers Troth began to prove that he was ready for the next step of Holy Reaver. Which he eventually attained.

The Opposing Paths Meet

Troth, in his early days with the Reavers met two people that would play large roles in his life, though at the time they would play the parts of enemies he would later discover that he had severely misjudged. This first being a dwarf that was then a cleric of Gorethar named Ulfiet Rumnahiem. These two would duel several times throughout the early days of their relationship with neither emerging superior over the other. Troth also soon learned that with every battle of the body comes a battle of the mind. His other trial would come in the form of white haired mage named Sylux Raynes. Though their bickering only lasted for so long before calm debate took its place with what Troth felt were mutual feelings of respect. At this point, Troth could feel that the hatred was uncoiling and once again misjudged when he felt that he had taken a step above the rest of his lot. He believed that he had formed his hatred into the tool it was meant to be, that it was something he controlled. The truth that he would fail to realize soon enough, however, was that his hatred was leaving him and his views were changing. He would also later realize the danger of actually believing in your denial.

A Walking Partner and Road to the Top

It was at this time that Troth met another young blackguard by the name of Ciaranam, he was instantaneously stricken by her strong will and arm, and noticed that she had a tongue as sharp as her weapon. He was infatuated to the point of willing self mutilations and eventually the two began to spend much of their time in secret, finding that they were quite alike, cunning, malicious and deathly loyal to only Maleki. They were eventually wed in secret around the same time that Troth was given his title as Holy Reaver. Soon Father Nestor would dissappear and Troth would spring upon his chance to be honored as the High Reaver. Troth took the chance and left all else behind except for Ciaranam. He even gave up a position that no other Reaver had, to his knowledge, ever had being a member of M'chek's Iron Fist Division. He had reached the top of the mountain.

The Highest Peaks and Deepest Darknesses

Troth could feel a new power running through him, the power of control. It was during this time while being drunk with power that he would begin his descent. During events that Troth will now only discuss if the situation clearly forces him to do so he made what he considers the biggest mistake of all. Not because of where it lead him afterward but for the affect it had on the world around him after he stopped to look around. During an expedition he attempted a ritual to bring a Champion of O'Ma back from a fate that even he considered worse than death. He will not claim that his ambitions were noble but what happened as a result of the ritual turned a once noble warrior into something unnatural and put a city under siege and made him feel an emotion he no longer considered real, regret. At first he ran from it, going so far as to leave M'chek and loose all thought of his wife that had disappeared and forsake even Maleki. After months of hiding he was led back to the world by another friend, Laillith, he at once returned to Elysia and turned himself in for his crimes, after the Elysian government had taken his story and decided not to charge him it was agreed upon, by himself included that he would be transfered to T'Nanshi, the nation where the original ritual took place. There he was given what he knew and believed should be his punishment though that did not make it easier for him to handle it. He was in the end, allowed to go on his way and be forever banished from the Spiritland.

The Road Back Home

Troth returned to Mikona as soon as possible and quickly contacted his former superior in the Iron Fist Division, who know held the title of Provost Marshal, Sylux Raynes. After Troth explained what had happened to him he was ready to beg Sylux for a second chance, this time to pay back his debt to the world. He knew that even if he could never do it fully that defending the people of M'Chek would at the very least give him some solace, Sylux quickly agreed and for the first time Troth no longer looked at him as a respected opposite but in a way that he never even could have believed he would, friend. It was in the early stages of this time that Troth began to believe that he could re-apply his skills as a priest to another god, one he found shared his new views in life, Dra'Nar.

A Brand New Road

Troth began to learn of Dra'Nar more and more, and contacted followers of O'ma to make a formal apology to them and request help in destroying the last remnants of his old life, things that had all been given to him by Maleki, including a spear blessed by Maleki for Troth as a trophy. Troth continues to carry the remaining shards of the spear on his person to this day to remind him of his responsibility to the world he lives in.

Looking Back the Way He Came

Troth's newest path is one of hope and redemption, for he believe he must continue to hope he can redeem himself. He believes that this path will never be easy but has voiced that if he were to die in the course of walking it that it would be a good death. Those that know what to look for can see that dark clouds of shame and an unresolved past still linger over Troth, but they will also see him looking forward with hope, hope that he will stay true to his path, that he may be able to save future generations from walking the dark path he did, and hope that even in the darkest times, light will still be found. Even if he himself will never be able to stand in it.