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Name: Heldor, Son of Heltar

Class: Heldor is loosely based on Kathrine Kurtz's Deryni and Frank Herbert's Paul Atreides. As such, He's mostly fighter, with some theif (scout) and a bit of sorcerer.


Heldor sailed into Mikona harbor shortly before the major Sereg attack on Mikona. He tends not to talk much about the past, except in causual dropping of some details.

After speaking with Heldor for a bit you would learn about his father Heltar, a Knight Commander that took control of a territory that was heavily infested with "humanoids" using a blitzkreig type attack. This territory was know as the "Bone March" and Heldor was born during it's occupation. Heltar was not able to completly clear and control the land and eventually was pushed back out. During the evacuation, Heldor was nearly killed. This living under martial law and the near death experience caused Heldor to take very seriously the lessons that Heltar provided.

Heltar and family returned to the land of their birth. Duke Owan of the Grand Dutchy of Geoff granted Heltar a small keep on the edge of a great mountain range. Here Heltar started to gather the area's adventurers to create an effective fighting force against all invaders to the Grand Dutchy. At this time Heltar retires from active adventuring and becomes a Garrison Commander. Heldor learns much from all the different people that travel through the area. Elves from the woods, Dwarves from the mountains, and all types of men, traveled the safer roads on their business.

Upon reaching manhood, Heldor became increasingly filled with wanderlust. So one day Heltar presented Heldor with Onn a Two handed sword that he used to wield and sent Heldor to one of his friends, Gaspar.

Gaspar was one of the leaders of the Sea Princes who assigned Heldor to one of his sailing vessles. Within a year, Heldor mastered the concepts needed to sail smaller crafts effectively. One night, after seeing a shooting star, The crew of the ship that Heldor was serving on came across a small sailing ship, apprently abandoned and adrift. The other sailors were hesitant to approach the vessel but Heldor volunteered to pilot the ship back to port for salvage. Heldor named this ship "the Dancing Star" after the shooting star.

The next day there was a storm that was the grandfather of all storms, that lasted for three days. Heldor never made it back to the Sea Princes. Since then he has landed in many different ports, but he has never seemed to be able to find his way home. Even the stars seem different.