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Nesara 'Thayt'Tal'piriarn
Nesara 'Thayt'Tal'piriarn
Full Name: Nesara 'Thayt'Tal'piriarn-Raahe-Ban'lathii-Mnieth-Dar'Ishii-Qe'valin

Age: 165 years
Race: Half-Nymph/Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Religion: O'Ma
Birthplace: Southern T'Nanshi
Nicknames: Sara, Nessa, Nessie
Marital Status: Married to Oorayv'levena
Current Residence: Elysia, has lived there since she was 95
Occupations/Guild Affiliations:

Info / Contact:

Played by: Significant Owl

About Nesara: Born to Se'vethran and Elhandra the 12th February 2044, when the war between M'Chek and T'Nanshi had only started. Nesara was born with some sort of knee defiency, something that continues to pain her occasionally to this day, seeing as no one is able to find a cure for it. She believes that it's because her kneecap is in some way deformed, but hasn't been able to ascertain this with any finality. During her first years of living, she was hardly able to walk because of the pains in her knees, but it seemed remedied after her fifth birthday, for some reason that Nesara by now never mentions. During the time where she was growing up, and up until around her 95th year (She didn't count years that close until after this), she spent all her time as Half-Nymphs do. When she wasn't helping her family with something, she could be found playing with her sister, or anyone else near for that matter, or sometimes meandering in the forest. She taught herself to keep hidden in the wilderness, because of her knees making her unlikely to succeed in fleeing anything that might want to get her. It was also during one of these walks that her Gift of magic first manifested itself. She thought it tied to her habit of singing and humming at first, having trouble weaving any sort of magic at all without singing something, but has since been educated further.

Around her 95th year, some things happened in her life, and she wandered away from her family's ancestral grove, arriving in Elysia, where she has lived ever since. She and Oorayv'levena have somehow found eachother, and Nesara is sure that they are the ones for eachother, though it can seem strange to many, given their differences. Recently, Nesara has livened up again after a long period of (For her) relative melancholy caused by her involvement in the Zaamon affair. Her bettered mood is largely due to meeting Jordaine, and just being with Oorayv, whom she is married to. (More will be added later)

Current Family Tree

Nesara is the only one who remains alive.