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Oorayv'levena is a very skinny, frail-looking ghost elf with black hair. He doesn't speak much of his past, but by his speech it is clear he is well-educated, with a very faint Nanshi accent. He left Le'Or when he came of age to join the Ebony Order. He met with Sand, who quickly became his mentor, and is to this day one of the largest influences on his life.

After serving the Ebony Order for many years, first as a member, then as Senior Mage for Ferrell and Elysia, Oorayv assumed the position of Great Mage of Relations, and occupies a seat on the High Mage Council. He considers Ebony's previous Archmage, Micah Ormane, to be his best friend, and he enjoys working with her. Since he took over from her, he has been working more on his own.

For the past few years, he has had a steady relationship with Nesara Tal'piriarn, a faithful of O'Ma. Noone really understands how these two very different characters came to be together, Oorayv himself least of all, but he seems content with it, although he prefers not to talk about it much. They recently got married.