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Jordaine Tiller

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Fighter/Cleric/Champion

Origin: Northern M'Chek

Current Residence: The Blessed Fields of Elysium

Former Affiliations:


A young woman who described herself as having grown up on a "dust farm" in M'Chek, Jordaine would divide her time trying to live in Elysia and Mikona equally, while sparing enough time to put in appearances in the Champion's Castle courtyard. Several generations of poor yield on her old farm had forced her parents to send their only daughter north at the age of 20, in hopes that she might break away from the despairing life that was dust farming. This was not before first imparting to their daughter the values of kindness and good will, leading her to find common ground with Elysia's deific benefactor, O'Ma.

After finishing her martial and religious studies as a Templar, Jordaine was ordained as a Champion of O'Ma one fall afternoon. From that day up until her death, she carried out tasks assigned by Captain Kaan J. Neshet, a person who she considered her first true mentor after best friend Sara. Jordaine now rests peacefully in Elysium.