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Age: Mid 70's

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sex: Male
Class: Wizard
Religion: Toran
Birthplace: Current Day Cytheria
Current Residence: Kuras

Contact: Send a PM.

Galoban Dulsaer

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Galoban grew up in present day Cytheria, leading a pleasantly simple life with a small family until an unspeakable tragedy struck, forcing him to leave home. He wandered aimlessly through the lands of Kurathene for several years until confronted by a cleric of Toran. Galoban spent quite a bit of time with this cleric, coming to terms with events in his life. Eventually, he and the cleric both agreed that a trip south would give him a break from the anguish that the constant reminder that his environs was providing, and help set him on the path Toran had chosen for him.

Return to Kurathene:
After a lengthy trip, Galoban arrived in Mikona shortly after the migration to Visimontium. Figuring this city of mages would prove to be an excellent locale for studying his art, the old mage wasted no time in turning around and heading back north. Realizing that choosing an Order of Andrinor's Trust would facilitate his studies, he began researching the various Orders and speaking with their members. It did not take him long to decide on the Blue Order of the Sky, for their dedication to disciplined study and Toran-like work ethic fit him as comfortably as a glove. Soon after arriving in Visimontium, Galoban met with the Order's Archmage, Aerill Ailpera, and was a member soon after.

Much to Galoban's dismay, however, upon joining the Order he would learn that the Order's tower was being constructed in Kuras, the very capital of Kurathene. Initially, he was resistant. He refused to travel to Kuras until an Order meeting necessitated that he do so. Even then, he wasted no time in returning to Visimontium. But it was not long until news began filtering down of Cytheria's attempts to push back the Tyedu barbarian horde that had over-run Halstead. Feeling obliged to help his homeland with such a dangerous goal, he resigned himself to the fact that Toran's will would have him return to Kurathene. He journied to his land of birth, spending a considerable amount of time in solitary meditation before returning to Kuras.


Galoban does not like to talk about the past, and has not yet to anyone living, but will if pressed and fairly comfortable with the one asking. Suffice to say he feels a great deal of guilt over what happened, and in an attempt to bury his feelings has thrown himself for reasons of his own into perfecting his art.

Aside from his arcane studies, Galoban is intrigued by two others - alchemy and archaeology. He is a fairly devout Toranite, and quite fond of the idea that Toran has a plan for everything, clinging to this ideal almost desperately at times. His demeanor shifts almost at random from crotchety to confused. But those who know him well know that his true nature lies deeper than this.

Partly because of his love for his wintry homeland, in combat he favors evocation spells of a cold nature and unconventional magic. Due to his advanced years, Galoban completely disdains melee combat to an extreme, even to the point of usually forgoing normal buffing spells as with his poor strength, slow body, and declining health they serve little purpose.

He loves games of chess and will rarely turn down the opportunity to play, though he harbors no illusion of being a master at the game. He enjoys the game for the game itself, not really caring if he wins or loses. The old wizard enjoys the matching of wits in other matters as well as chess, appreciating the experience that comes with losing. Caring little for the moral outcome of political machinations, he is never-the-less fascinated by it, though more than a little hesitant to partake.

Galoban will always go to great pains to make sure he has all the information before coming to a decision or forming an opinion. This can, at times, lead others to view him as hesitant and doubting, even slow witted. The delay does not stem from any insecurities, but rather a desire to be as accurate as possible. He also has an immense store of patience for, and takes great delight in, passing along the knowledge he has gained over the course of his life time.


Galoban is a very frail looking old man, but he takes in his surroundings with a stern, knowing gaze. His jaw is firm, and he walks with a determined stride. His brow is furrowed with concentration, and his eyes speak volumes of hidden wisdom and intelligence.