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NAME: Danicia Swifthand

RACE: Half-Elf

PROFESSION: Monk, Generalist Wizard

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

BACKGROUND: My father an elf, my mother a human. His name Le'Reth and her name Elena.

Both on either side of the war between Le'Or T'nanshi and M'chek. My father a capable fighter and archer, my mother a spellsword who employed in the dark arts. Time and time they met in conflict, many falling on both sides but the both of them fighting each other and being unable to defeat the other. They would stop out of exhaustion salute each other and move back out of the warzone.

This went on for many confrontations until a smile would light on Reth's face when he saw Elena. These times he would fight Elena but not to kill her but to woo her.

When I was told this I was always confused. "Why would a soldier want to woo a soldier of the enemy?"

I was told that the respect to Elena of her abilites and honour to let another weakened adversary to walk away made him fall in love. That and her beautiful golden hair and warm smile.

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