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Xzar in the Forest

Xzar Nefzen

Race: Half-Nymph

Gender: Male

Class: Sorcerer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Origin: Unknown

Year of Birth: Unknown

Current Residence: Elysia



As you approach Xzar, what sticks out the most is his strikingly vivid almond shaped eyes. His irises, orbs of ethereal aqua hue, contain within them multicolored speckles of violet and red, which are sprinkled randomly. His eyes act as a mirror to his emotions, often appearing wild and bright when he is excited, or half-shut and lazy when he is bored.

Lengthy, black hair cascades down to his shoulders partially obscuring long ears that ascend to a point. A perfectly trimmed beard highlights his jaw line as a small trail of facial hair stretches down his face to a goatee, then back up to meet a well-trimmed mustache that encompasses full lips.

Xzar, like many other sorcerers, is almost always elaborately adorned with jewelry and flamboyantly colored clothing. His right hand, which is normally clutching his runestaff, is outfitted with rings of various jewels and stones. Around his neck swings necklaces of elaborate design, one of which he claims to be the essence of a demon named Darzhull.

His crimson robes flow loosely around his compact, supple frame and what muscle his body does have appears chiseled and well defined due to the lack of any body fat whatsoever. Navy blue, runic tattoos extend from the naked portion at the center of his chest where the robe makes a V-shape, covering most of the exposed flesh, and creeping up his neck slightly in some areas.

Demeanor and Characteristics

When he is not carrying out arcane practices, Xzar tends to be easy going, enjoying the aesthetically pleasing components of life. Some of his favorite pastimes are flirting with females, drinking expensive wines, traveling to exotic places, and, of course, adventuring. Although for the most part he is amiable and likable, Xzar is also known to be unstable, his emotional state swinging from quiet and thoughtful to infuriated within mere moments. However, these episodes have ostensibly subsided as he progresses in maturity.

Mentally, the young, flamboyant magus appears to suffer from a case of hypomania. His symptoms range anywhere from delusions of grandeur, heightened sexual activity, periodic mood swings, to risky unlawful behavior. Xzar has also been known to display suicidal tendencies mainly during the exercising of his magic abilities.

Xzar loathes the bearing of titles or those who seem to dwell on fancy labels themselves. He has also been known for creating elaborate, ingenious plans, however, lacks the motivation to polish and execute these schemes. For the most part, his desires are neither greedy nor cruel in nature. Nevertheless, he has moments of passion in which almost anything can happen.


Xzar grew up in the trees of Le'Or with his mother, father, and his adopted sister, Malis.

After attaining the status of Senior Mage of the Ashen Order of the Stars and having a passionate but short-lived affair with Sephira Everliss, Xzar vanished.

A Return and a New Vision

Xzar spent a several years in the recluse of the mountains of Visimontium allegedly seeking Andrinor's blessing. Upon his return to Southern Avlis, Xzar sought the predecessors of what would be his new goal: to serve Andrinor as a wild mage. The first and most antagonistic personality he was to encounter was that of an eccentric elven mage of the Ebony order named Teth. After a brief conversation and many beers later, Teth agreed to unfilter Xzar's connection with the Vortex. Foreseeing a window of opportunity to elevate his power and connection to the Vortex, Xzar agreed to subject himself to Teth's perilous methods: methods that ensured only a slim chance of survival. Triumphantly, Xzar emerged a wild mage and sought the tutelage of Bedlam Dender, whom agreed assist the young mage. After obtaining an apt mentor, Xzar resigned from the Ashen Order and promptly joined the Red Order, which perhaps came as little surprise to those who know him.