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Full Name: Harlow Ju'Eilo Affiliations and Titles:

Research Interests
Shadow Matter Illusionist

Born in Blandenburg, Harlow was forced to flee during the war at a young age at the cost of many living relatives. As a loner, she started to become more disenchanted with society and structured dogma and thus became a follower of Forian. After traveling the Forrests of T'Nanshi for many years, Harlow decided to try her luck on fame and fortune in Elysia. After much time being a typical rouge, pick-pocketing and getting into various battles, she found herself with powers she didn't fully understand. With much of the records of her family being destroyed during the war, Harlow has no idea where her power derives from. After meeting more than a few members of the Trust, she decided to look into Andrinor's Trust as a method to understand her newfound abilities. Upon learning about the Vortex, Harlow sought out on a quest, a concept very foreign to her, to find the right order of the Trust to suit her need to expand upon her powers without distraction or many rules. Her basic beliefs led her to become a fledgling member to the Red Order of the Flame. Upon further research, she found that she excelled in creating illusions and currently performs and studies Shadow Matter Illusions.

Harlow is always up for the fight, even to her own detriment. Her ambition to learn and to be a mage fitting of her peers has sent her to walk around Limbo more than a few times. Her need to be in the action finds her in precarious situations that many would not consider getting into, but for her, it's always about the magic and fun: no matter what the cost. Go raid the spider caves? Absolutely. Destroy slavers? Her despise for any notion that someone should be owned makes this a particularly fun task for her. She's all for it, as long as she knows that she'll come out of it in at least one piece and if she trusts the people she fights next to with her life. Freedom, knowledge, and the improvement upon her skills are the key motivation for Harlow.

Typically, Harlow is well versed in the common language; however, if the mood strikes, she will slip back brokenly into her native language. This trait leads to misunderstanding or infuriates those within the group she is conversing with. After a battle, she is typically more than willing to get a drink and a couple hits of mellowsmoke while enjoying the atmosphere around her. For the most part, she is a fun-loving elf; however, her fun can have a more sinister side from time to time. Though typically a loner, she will be seen with a select group of people from various walks to whom she feels a kinship with. Waiting around for something to happen is a concept for weak-minded individuals and leads to going into battle somewhat blindly. She pledges no allegiance to one ruler, as she prefers the life similar to a gypsy. This mindset has led her on many different adventures including a period of solitude where her research led her to a new conclusion: every portion of light and shadow is necessary to keep the balance of things, although most people refuse to explore their shadowy side.