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Jonatan Shadowbreath

Race: Half-Nymph
Gender: Male
Origin: Elysia
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Residence: Nothing Permanent Currently
Deity: Dru'El
Class: Sorcerer
Guild: Red Order Magus

Vital Statistics

Height: 6ft.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair Color: Black, and somewhat spiky
Eye Color: Silver Blue
Build: Slender build, has little body hair, and no facial hair
Skin tone: Semi-Alabaster tone. Burns easily in harsh sunlight.

Appearance and Disposition

Standing at 6ft even, and weighting around 175 lbs, Jon is deceptively muscular for his slender body type. His hair is raven black, somewhat spiky when short, and he alternates between long and short hair at times. His best features are his silver blue eyes, which glimer with an inner drive for magic, and a passion for liberty and freedom.

Jon's demeanor changes with the seasons, subdued in the winter, envigered in the spring, sturdy in summer, and relaxed in the fall. He approaches magic and the arcane with a passion he feels is necessary to further his goals.


Jon talks about growing up in Elysia with his mother, a full blooded O'Ma Nymph, in a small apeartment style home in Trades Ward. Shortly before the occupation of the city by the Shaahesk army from Drotid, Jon set about traveling, as he didn't want to stay home.

Career in Magic

After a year of study at the Academy of Mortal Magic in Visimontium, Jon graduated with both of his certificates. It didn't take him long to find an Order of the Trust to pledge too, and soon he became an Initiate of the Red Order of the Flame. While an initiate, he traveled extensively, and after a few years made full membership into the order. Having been inducted fully, Jon's goals are now to become a Senior territory mage, and eventually a teacher at the Academy.

Jon's Spellbook


Jon has started down the path of Aeromancy, a form of Elemetalism in an Advanced magical discipline.