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Sammuel Valorian
Current Age: Impossible to tell.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Nicknames: "Sammy" for brevity, "Sam-ghul" for displays of awesome. ,
Full List of Titles:

  • The Adopted Valorian
  • Author of Boom
  • Avatar of Sam-ghul
  • Breacher of Fort Kassy
  • Creator of the SAMAT (Save A Mage Aptitude Test)
  • Mage Adjunct, M'Chek Blackhawks
  • Mage of the Fort Karr Irregulars
  • Owner of Mikona's Finest Playhouse

Former Affiliations

  • The adventuring group "The One Percenters"


Research Interests

  • High Energy Magic
  • Applied Evocation
  • Vortex Theory

Personal Information


Sammuel is small of stature. His handsome features are highlighted by a quick smile and ready laugh. His hair and eyes are brown, though his irises are ringed in a silver that hints at an outsider ancestry, a likely explanation for his sorcerous talents. Despite self-deprecating claims to life as a layabout, Sammy is most often found in functional split-robes that show the wear and tear of adventure.


Sammuel's personality tends to outsize his stature. His boisterous laugh comes often. He possesses an effusive wit and a nimble tongue. A natural leader, Sammy invented the "Hup" (short for "hurry the fuck up") as a way to get adventurers moving.

Despite hob-nobbing with the movers and shakers of southern Avlis, Sammy has done little politically to make his mark on Negaria. Nor does he seem to possess the drive to do so. He is unerringly devoted to the study of the arcane, though this rarely enters his conversations with non-mages. He is a patron of all new adventurers, which he views as a future investment.


Sammuel's sorcery manifested early in his childhood, gaining him notice as a child prodigy. After mastering sorcery he began to study wizardry. This has made for a breadth, if not depth, of talent hitherto unmatched among his counterparts. He is first and foremost known as an evoker, with a flair for fireballs. Later he turned his research to raw magical evocation, culminating in the unique spell "Sammuel's Arcane Destruction," or as it is colloquially called, "BOOM!"


Sammuel grew up an urchin in the streets of Mikona. At the age of four he was adopted by the paladin Vian Valorian. From that point he was raised by Vian and three 'uncles.' These were the dwarves Harthgraepa and Feeb, and the elf Tri'as.

Sammuel's sorcery manifested at a very early age due to the trauma of his early street life. Once adopted and properly cared for his ability quickly grew at a prodigious rate. It was remarkable for such a young age, and at times detrimental. The dwarves among his adoptive family bespoke their predicament loudest of all, often through singed beards.

Sammuel proved impossible to keep out of adventure. Despite being tied up, locked down, scolded, or threatened concerning the dangers of such, he followed his uncles on all of their forays. He learned quickly, and proved to have a natural talent for the evoker's methods of negotiation.

Present Day

It is well known that he keeps residence in a tower in the City Gates District of Mikona, is a patron of the arts as well as rookie adventurers, and that he has built the finest bar in the city (Mikona's Finest Playhouse).