PCs:Vanyankaya (Vanya) Del'Trion

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Vanyankaya (Vanya) Del'Trion Human, Female Rogue/Wizardess(Abjurer) Lawful Evil (Chaotic tendencies)

Born of wealthy lineage, and an only child, Vanyankaya was given little attention as a youth as her parents spent most of their attention on their social circle and attempts at impressing the nobility. Hence she had a full run of the upscale estate the family owned, access to family riches and servants. Unsupervised, loose in Mikona proper, she would find countless ways of getting in trouble, for the sake of trouble. What she couldn't weasel her way out of through wit (base INT 17),charm(base CHA 14), or simply quick feet(base DEX 16), could be easily taken care of by her well connected father. Things like vandalism and burglary quickly became boring at the lack of risk, and having little need for the profits gained. With time, and recognition of her ability to pretty much do what she wanted without repercussion, vanity and arrogance became second nature. In her late teen years she took to hanging in bars with 'common' folk, as they were much more interesting and fun than friends of her family and from her youth, and more importantly keen to staying out all night and drinking cheap ale.

Her new favorite habit became playing mindgames with the patrons of the pubs, courting hardworking men and soldiers and persuading them to buy her drinks and expensive gifts. An enchanter of no large talent caught her interest one day. She observed the covertly whispered enchantments he'd use to seduce girls for his evening romps, confronted him after one such act and made a pact with him not to reveal his trickery if he'd take her as an understudy. She was a quick study, and it took a mere week to equal his skill. Not particularly pleased by her obviously much stronger affinity for magic, and her announcement that she was through and done with him, he managed to cast a domination spell on her as she turned to leave his abode, and took his frustrations out carnally. That feeling of being out of control, combined with the physical assault, broke her spirit and interest in day to day life for several months. She recluded into self-study of wizardry, with more than a little interest in death magicks, but special focus on protective and anti-magicks, abjuration. When she felt ready, she slipped into the enchanter's abode undetected, caught him unaware and unprepared, and given the opportunity to put him away with spells, simply plunged a blade into his back instead, unflinching, relishing the up close and personal revenge.