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Full Name: Sophie Dender Affiliations and Titles:

Research Interests

  • Fey Magic
  • Bedlam
  • Explosions
  • Sex

Sophie was born in Redgate to a Nymph mother and half Nymph father. Her mother went back to her people in Visimontium. Her father quickly found another woman, this one a human, and married her. She and Mr. Belkat had 3 more children, and it was brutally clear that Sophie's step-mother didn't care for her presence much. One day Mrs. Belkat saw Sophie lighting a candle then putting it out by touching her finger to the wick. Being a mundane woman who was keen on believing horrible rumors about magic she decided Sophie had to go.

Around this time Mr. Belkat had been doing what half Nymphs do best which didn't involve being home with the bitch he'd married very much. He'd be gone for a week at a time on occasion, and his gallivanting kept them very poor. While he was away on one of his longer stints Mrs. Belkat found a way to get rid of little Sophie. She went to the Bahlawkwa manor and begged Albert Bahlawkwa to take in her poor wayward daughter and teach her a skill. Having a daughter around the same age as Sophie, Albert agreed; and Sophie was taken in as an apprentice to their head seamstress. It had been agreed that Sophie would go home on the weekends, but at the end of each week no one came to claim her and it became quickly apparent no one would be coming back for her. It wasn't long until Albert's daughter, Almarien, was accepted to the local paladin academy leaving Sophie with nothing but her sewing. Albert is a kind loving man, and he saw the child was lonely so he arranged for her to go live with the head seamstress and her husband, Doug.

On the weekends Almarien would come home with her friend Hyacinth from the academy and the three girls would spend tons of time together. Often, though, Almarien would go off with her father leaving Hyacinth and Sophie to get into all kinds of mischief. Though they never did anything more than pull a prank or nick a pie, Albert was a staunch Gorethite and on the occasions when he caught them the lectures and assigned manual labor could be back breaking. It didn't take long for Sophie to see that these blunders into what she saw as moments of fun could really hurt Hyacinth, so she began protecting her and would take the blame entirely upon herself when they were caught.

As the girls grew Sophie chafed less and less at her strict surroundings and even got to start helping in the shop from time to time. It was there Doug made the discovery of her ability to imbue clothing. This opened up a whole new aspect to the business as before they had to send out for any magical enhancements. Sophie was thrilled, and bragged to some of the other apprentices who started snickering and calling her "hedgewizard". Though she had no idea what the term meant it did take some of the wind from her sails, but she didn't have long to brood over it. A few weeks later her mentor passed away leaving her and "Uncle Doug" alone in the windy old house.

They mourned together and it brought them closer, and Doug found that he loved this beautiful young woman like his own child. He and his wife hadn't been blessed with children of their own and that realization gave both Doug and Sophie what they needed to move on.

A few years later Albert approached Doug about running a shop in Ferrell, Doug was happy to move away from all of the memories and Sophie was more than happy to get away from Redgate. Her only good friend, Hyacinth, had gone south not long after Albert's daughter, Almarien, had moved to Elysia. Though Sophie had grown to find Almarien obnoxious, she was still very close to Hyacinth and missed her greatly.

While working as the cashier and making custom designs for BKW Ferrell, Sophie met a charming young Red mage named Bedlam Dender. It wasn't long until they were head over heels. He helped her come to terms with her natural gifts and introduced her to a whole new world where she was accepted. With Doug's blessing she left the shop in Ferrell, agreeing to still do custom work under the BKW label, and moved to Mikona to learn under Vintrinia, the Archmage of the Red Order.

She and Bedlam were married, she took his last name, and became a full member of the Red. Doug walked her down the isle and Hyacinth was her maid of honor.