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IC Information

Scientia Filia Hericus

Sci Relaxing - Painting Made by Unknown Paintor


Nickname: Sci
Age: Looks like 18 to 24
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good
Race: Appears to be Human
Gender: Female
Deity: Mainly Forian
Classes: Sorcerer and Bard
Home Land: Somewhere between M'Chek and Deglos
Residence: Mikona
Like the Rain?: Yeah!
Favorite Color: Red
Contact: Bored Gargolye Inn

Titles and Affiliations:

Former Titles and Affiliations:


Keeper Of The Cycle


This girl is a lover of freedom and jokes. Always smiling, giggling and up to a good talk or adventure, after all she was born to live. Always there whenever a party or adventure is called, this girl always carry two things ... her bow and the PARTY IN A BOX.

After some time in the city of mikona, she has made a lot of friends like Robert and Miss Raen, who helped her to get through the living of a sorcerer and bard, and Char'Jer who helped her to see the beauty in life and love.

Nowadays she can be seen in mikona be her having a chat with some of friends near the Rock, walking around after something to craft or having spending her time with her love Char.


The Begining of All

Born somewhere between M'Chek and Deglos in a group of itinerant merchants, Scientia (as her parents used to call her) always traveled through avlis in a wagon but was always kept in minor isolation, in a way that she never knew much about the outside world. It was in a sad day that all was about to change. The caravan was attacked by a BugBear Tribe, and all those able to fight back started doing so. Her father Hericus, a former soldier, was in the fight along with her mother Ciara, a former healer.

Scientia watched the whole fight and was able to see how cruel things can be and how one can fight heroically when they are to deffend the ones they care about. She saw both, Father and mother fighting side by side and not giving up until that both were done ... both died at the same time as one of the last standing bugbear stroke the fatal blow.

The battle custed both sides a lot of lives, but the BugBears were winners that day. They turned their eyes to the caravan where the spoils were, along with Scientia and her older brother Petrus. Scientia still can't remember very well if it was the fear or the rage but both, she and her brother, casted spells releasing a great power that took down the killer bugbears and bliinded the rest of them, leaving the way clear for them to run away into the arid landscapes of M'Chek.

New Life

After having wandered for some time, Scientia and her brother found and old ranger in the woods of T'Nanshi. In fact, he found them as he went for his ordinary patrols and found them both almost dead. Scientia had fainted after the long time in the woods, and her brother was carring her tring to find some place safe.

The old Marcus offered them shelter and healing for the wounds as some of his knowledge of the ways of a ranger. They stayed with the old ranger learning from him as Petrus focused on the combat knowledge that was tought, as Scientia learned the ways of a healer and created with the old Marcus a bound.

Not a long time passad before Petrus decided to leave the two of them as he seeked for revange. He left his sister in the cares of Marcus during the night to return upon having his revange ... somehow. A long time passed since that day, and even though Scientia missed her brother, her bound to Marcus would grow day after day. In those times she learned a lot about her self being and about her nature.

They kept this life going until the day that Marcus died. After that moment, things started only to get worst. Her brother returned after his adventures ... he was changed. His mind was twisted in a way that the old values were worth nothing now. He claimed that she wasn't worth or deserving of anything she had in life until one day after, a major argumentation, he attacked her. As she felt her life being drained, she felt an mist of rage, fear and sadness ... that was no longer her brother ... and after some time ... no longer alive.

By the second time she had blood on her hands, and for the first time she was really alone. She knew what she had to do ... she buried the body of her brother, as the last thing in name of the old memories, and left to the south until she finally reached the gates of Mikona where she would start her new life

Recent History

First Steps

As Scientia left the north seeking shelter in the southern lands, she found the gates of mikona waiting for her. It was a rainy day and she didn't have much but, somehow, she knew she would make it. After looking around the city for some time, she went near the bored gargolye inn where she met one to be called friend and in love in the future. Char was going for some adventuring and took Scientia along. As this girl, now known as Sci, was getting closer and adventuring with him, she was introduced to some of his friends. Among these friends was the FFG leader, Robert Wallace, who would guide her through the path of a sorcerer.

New Learnings

After some time in town, she would soon learn that just as she had her enemies and hate were to spread in the past, so was it to happen yet again in mikona. The life and world would reveal it's face as a big group of Seregs started attaking and killing all that would be in their way. The city decided to have a retaliation attack. That was the first big adventure she had, where she met many others of the adventurers of these lands. Among those adventurers, there was a lovelly bard by the name of Raen.

After listening to miss Raen, Sci decided that she could learn how to do that ... she had it within. She started praticing until the day she felt she was ready to meet Raen again. This new friend guided her through this new bright path, inviting sci to perform at Mikona's Finest Playhouse and the MMM, where she would met new friends like Elong.

At the first MMM, Sci performed a song for the one that, at that time, was her friend, and would became her lover.

Solid Life

Sci grew steady as she were being part of Mikona more and more. She saw many of the changes happening before her eye, and that was good. even though she was always traveling from one place to another, having a place where she were part of was good. After a long time, under the guidance of Robert, she would join the ashen Order to find out more about herself. At the same time, her friendship with Char would grow beyond friendiship.

She then kept her life going in the best way she could ... being happy ... until at some point, she had to decide beteween following her heart and the order. She decided to help Char by going into a place that the ashen order wouldn't aprove. She did what her heart felt was the best thing to do, and succeded in it.

She left the gnome's cave unharmed and along with Char, and knowing that she was going on the other direction of what the Ashen would ever want ... that's when she decided that she had to leave the order and find some order that would fit her line of tought ... her will of freedom

Again, helped by Robert, she decided to start looking for the Red, and so she started this new path

Current History

New Point

Sci kept her life going as she would enjoy every day and so. Besides her friends in the FFG and in mikona, she had also made friends in the Keepers. As those friends would take her to some trips, she would be dragged into the keepers every day more and more. After sometime, she decided to join the keepers ... what would make her to be under the command of her loving one

Still, she was after joining other big group ... the Red Order. After some talking with some Red mages, she was invited for a talking with the Senior mage of Elysia, Vexus. After some talking, she was invited within the order, being finally a mage of the red order ... the end of a path started long time ago with by unleashing her powers, and the beggining of new tales for her.

Now, Sci could look behind and see all that kept her far from the little girl she was ... and look forward for the numb clouds in her path of a child into the chaotic flood of life.


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