United Dream

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Sci's song list


Adventurer's Life
Angel's Lullaby
Char'Jer's Song
Endless Night of Ferrell
The hero from the flames
United Dream
Haste of a War

Her favorite bards

Miss Raen

This Template

by Sci (based on "Kamelot - Soul Society" melody)

If my fears were to fade
And darkness to be mine
Just like a dream
If enemies were to die
Hate were to fade
And the minds to be free

How was i such a fool
To believe in a dream
While it's all within
I think this will never unfold
Like a world of it's own
Forever going on

How could i believe in fairy tales
A world where i lived alone
A dream of my own
The world is in fragments
All shattered and left apart
There must be a way of solving this

What if we were the same
All just one kind
Maybe we could find peace'
There would be no one to blame
Likely no one to fear
We would be all as one

How I wish it was a fairy tale
A world made of dreams
All united in on friendship'
All as one as a whole
There must be a way of doing this

How could i reunite ...
all under this dream
How could i do all this ...
and keep being free ...