The hero from the flames

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Sci's song list


Adventurer's Life
Angel's Lullaby
Char'Jer's Song
Endless Night of Ferrell
The hero from the flames
United Dream
Haste of a War

Her favorite bards

Miss Raen

This Template

by Sci

From distant lands he has come
Cold steel warm soul
No one has ever seen
The lands where he has been

Through valleys where angels fly
For darkness he brought light
Behind him blood and flames
Ahead glory and fame

His name is yet unknow
We name him after his soul

The legend of this hero
The hero from the flames
Beyond and forever
The hero without a name

This legendary hero
Walking across the time
The enemies teared apart

Where i saw
Can't recall
Just a dream
A dream after all
A dream i have seen
A dream of me