Char'Jer's Song

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Sci's song list


Adventurer's Life
Angel's Lullaby
Char'Jer's Song
Endless Night of Ferrell
The hero from the flames
United Dream
Haste of a War

Her favorite bards

Miss Raen

This Template

by Sci (song made for Char'Jer)

A mace and a soul
Pure heart, stuning blow
Red all over him
Head to knee

At his will undead flee
Some call him half-breed
He ain't half he is big

A big heart and big shield
Death at his heels
Enemies sent to their graves
Friends he keep safe

Deamons talk in fear
we can all listen the whispers

Big as his name
Words of power and fame
Hero of The lands

His path is yet unknow
Good fortune awaits this soul
Pie, fame and gold