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Race: Half-Nymph
A portrait of Vexus

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Gender: Male... usually
Current Age: 29 years
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Residence: Anywhere in the South
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations:

Arcane Interests:

  • Wild Magic
  • Fairy Magic
  • Evocation


Vexus is a handsome fey like male, standing around 5'9". His build is slender and his movements flow as if dancing to the tune of imaginary music. His hair is bright red, dyed using the pigments he once used while learning the art of Tailoring. His clothes are an outward expression of his soul and as such are bright and flamboyant. His body is covered in elaborate red and orange tattooe's, gained after one too many nights spent drinking and socialising in excess on the streets of Elysia. Recently he may be seen wearing white paint on his face with two deep red circles surrounding his eyes, and several new facial piercings.

History and Traits
Born 'Altium Malcovin' in the Fief of Medec, his youth was spent rebelling against his Merchant Father's Academic regime. Countless days spent in libraries and academies across Kurathene left him empty and hollow. Once reaching his 18th Birthday he turned his back on his father and travelled south in search of emotion, to build the imagination he would need to fully realise the gift of the Arcane that had been granted to him.

One day, nearly a year past he attempted to open a portal to the plane of Ysgard, to search for the Lord of Magic, Andrinor. His methods were however flawed and instead of opening a portal to Ysgard he instead found himself thrown around the planes, never staying in one realm long enough to attempt a reversal of the ritual. After what seemed like an age he finally ended up in the city of Nutz, within Deglos.

The recent failure of his ritual and the proceeding ordeal has left his mind fragmented. Moments of insanity disperse his lucid thoughts and those who speak to him will find that sometimes he makes no sense at all. His memory has also been affected, places, names, situations; they have all been cracked and broken, seeping into eachother like pools of water, flooded but now receeding. For the most part he is polite but easily angered if confused (which happens quite often).

As his mother was a full blooded Nymph he displays certain characteristics of the Fey. Strong relationships and marriage mean nothing to him, he cares little for gold or hardwork and only claims a handful of possessions as his own.

He hates clothes but finds them a necessery evil, and so tries his best to wear the most stylish (in his mind) outfits he can find.

Emotions are the building blocks of the personality. Chaos feeds the personality to allow the imagintion to flourish. Imagination allows a Sorcerer to manipulate the power of the Mortal Magic Vortex.

Vexus would like nothing more than to merge the plane of Limbo with the prime material plane. Waves of colour to flow through the sky, fantastic creatures of many shapes flying and swimming through the air and everyones minds open to the chaos that surrounds them. An era of expression and magical understanding. No Kings. No Governments. No Armies or War. Pure freedom of the mind and spirit.

Anyone who is true to themselves (except Toranites).

There are however individuals who he remembers with some clarity. Victor, Lyse and Deostori from the days of the 'Elysian Nymph Patrol'. James, Le'On and Archibald from his time spent as a Mage of the Red Order. Char'Jer, Jethro and Shelly of Mikona and a strange girl named Marie. A sweet soul named Kima once also touched his heart.