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Portrait of Marie by Ayren Tochi'larian

A crazy redhead known as Marie, or "that nutcase" for people who know her better. She prides herself on her bad taste in clothes, carrying around lots of outfits she likes to show off, one even more colourful than the next. She wields the Blade of Confuzzlement, a curious rapier she somehow acquired on the day she became a Confounder.

She has a house in Mikona, where she used to live together with Arc Kressen. Since Arc's death, she has the house to herself, but is said to barely sleep there anymore, instead roaming around the city restlessly and sleeping wherever she feels like it, like she used to do before she met him.

She abhors the idea of ever doing work, and actively avoids it, instead spending her time "shaking up stuffy people". Her one wish is to once meet the Master of Chaos, and get a Colorific Fount installed in the attic of her house. That would make the place interesting for sure!

One other notable thing about her: she seems to have a thing for kilts, hence her Ode_to_the_Kilt.