PCs:Marie the Confounder

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Portrait of Marie by Ayren Tochi'larian

A crazy redhead known as Marie, or "that nutcase" for people who know her better. She prides herself on her bad taste in clothes, carrying around lots of outfits she likes to show off, one even more colourful than the next. She wields the Blade of Confuzzlement, a curious rapier she somehow acquired on the day she became a Confounder.

She has a house in Mikona, where she used to live together with Arc Kressen. Not long after Arc's death, Lucien Dark moved in with her, for reasons that shall probably forever remain a mystery. She has been away for a long time, but has returned. Age has not changed her looks much, but she has mellowed somewhat. She still likes to look for trouble, either at the bottom of a dungeon, at the bottom of a bottle, or in the fighting ring. Access to new sewing machines and better dyes and fabrics mean she is even more headache-inducing to look at than before. She knows her way around a bar, and can mix a mean cocktail.