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Victor Rastinfer
Race: Tiefling
Classes: Wizard/Psion
Guild affiliations: Psicorps of Elysia
Most active on server: Elysia
Contact: Leave a message

Stuff about Victor: incomplete but adding on when things come to mind

Victor is a harmless critter; Well, at least I think so.

Vics backstory: Victor is a planeswalker who found his way to avlis and got stuck there for years due to the worldly portals becoming unstable. Since then he got attached to Lyse Kayacha and has settled down in Elysia.

Victors Song

An interesting tail: http://wiki.avlis.org/An_Interesting_Tail by Willem Lightheart

Artwork: By dish_wash

Vic and Lyse: Drawn July 2006


Victor Portrait: Drawn Oct 2006

Victor Oct 06.jpg