An Interesting Tail

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By Willem Lightheart

Here is a tale of an interesting sort
Of a soul from Hala that to Avlis did port
A little odd to some you see
But really quite pleasant at least to me
I have know him for only a short little while
But whenever we meet he often makes me smile

At times when I walked in my house door
I’d find him and a friend sitting on my floor
I felt obliged to help them to dwell
So I turned out the lights with darkness by spell
Twas funny to hear them jump all around
For I was invisible and made no sound

Then there was the time I took him to a show
To hear some fine bards to Ferrell did we go
Even though I was not scheduled to sing that day
By the grace of Dru’El I still got to play
Now the interesting thing was his tip for my song
It was a Ferrell trout and that seemed kind of wrong

So if you should see this fellow with a long tail
And skin so red that it makes you seem pale
Remember that Victor Rastinfer is his name
Treat him as a friend and he will treat you the same
I know this because I count him a friend
And friends we shall be from now till the end