The Nine

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by Brant Risko

Toran preaches structure and order
Everything kept within its own border
Conform to the laws, a strict iron hand
Do not mock or disrupt the laws of the land

Dru'El believes in good from the heart
Follow your conscience, a good place to start
Avoid rigid rules that exist for no reason
Adapt to what's needed, change with the season

Maleki, the god of diseases that kill
Also believes in your own free will
Stands strong for death, slaughter, and hate
His followers each decide their own fate

Valok says we all take what we need
Pleasantries aren't as important as greed
Yes, do whatever you need to survive
Be smart, be careful, that's how you thrive

Gorethar believes in goodness and light
Fights against evil and for what is right
Discipline and work is what makes a man
But help the innocents whenever you can

O'Ma's fairies bring goodness to all
To help anyone anywhere is their call
It's not important how you attend
As long as more good is done in the end

Forian's funny, the world is his oyster
Serve yourself best with bluster and boister
Wander the world, take in the sights
Do something different and fun every night

Aarilax says our own desire's the thing
Care for yourself, whatever that brings
Do what you need to make yourself great
Have no concern for another man's fate

Mikon brings balance into our lives
Balance helps all beings to thrive
Random and order, we need some of each
This keeps all the world within arm's reach