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Captain Magnus Khan

Magnus Khan is a Dominator of Valok and a Disciple of the Order of Valok. Magnus also became the third Holy Guardian of the Order of Valok

A retired M'Chekian army Captain, he had a distinguished military career.

His accomplishments include:

  • Becoming the first soldier to be awarded the Golden Eagle medal.
  • Planning and leading the first coordinated assault between the M'Chek Army and Tollgaroth's forces on Port Nireth.
  • Negotiating the peace settlement between M'Chek and T'Nanshi.
  • Becoming one of three army officers to be declared a National Hero by Lord Walsington.

Magnus is perhaps best known for defeating a being known as The Gentleman (amongst other names). Many had attempted this before, but only managed to temporarily imprison him. However, Magnus, armed with a weapon called The Sword of Severing and possessing The Gentleman's true name was able to destroy the fiend once and for all.