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Avlis NWN EE uses NWSync.

NWSync allows to automatically download all required content as soon as you log into any of the Avlis Servers.

No installation is required on your side. All you need to do is launch NWN EE and log into an Avlis server.

Example of what you'll see when NWSync begins downloading custom content

Custom Systems

Optional Files

None of this is required, but is nice!

Customization/Extras/Player Housing

Custom Portraits

Other Custom Content

Avlis NWN EE has incorporated custom music, player character heads, and voice sets into server-side content. In order to avoid conflicts, please do not place related content in your Neverwinter Nights/override folder.

Avlis Player Housing Files

  • See the Available resources section of Player Housing for information on how to obtain housing related files.

NWN:EE Direct Connect Launchers/Batch Files

NWN:EE Log Rotators

Special Thanks & Credit Due

This section will be for ensuring any content not exclusively created by Avlis content creators (e.g., from Neverwinter Vault or Nexus Mods) will receive proper credit for materials used.

Equipment, Robes, and clothing

Creatures, Models, & Soundset