The Age of Spirits

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2000 P.O.D. to 1085 P.O.D.

In the beginning, there was chaos... Reigning over that chaos was a boundless Supreme Being with no name and no form. The crystal sphere containing this chaos was called "Avlis", and for untold millennia the Supreme Being of Avlis wandered through the chaos without any purpose or aim. At one point, no one knows exactly when, the Supreme of the crystal sphere grew weary of the chaos and decided to restore order in Avlis once again. So, the swirling chaos was gathered up and the stars were formed along with the planets, and the world itself. The Supreme saw that this work was done well, and the decision was made to keep the world in existence.

Having completed that task, the Supreme populated the world with primitive gods. These were all peaceful and orderly gods that had limited control over a certain natural formations, such as ponds or groves. Each of them was perfect in every detail, and the Supreme was happy with the way they would attend to their areas while worshipping him. To honor his perfect creation, the Supreme named the world after the crystal sphere in which it was cradled... Avlis.