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Recent Events in Elysia

This page will attempt to summarize the basics of various events that have taken place in Elysia since the servers came online.

In editing this, please try to keep it in rough chronological order, and to keep it factual. And remember, just as on the boards, all information here can be taken as known in character, so don't post anything that you don't want known as common knowledge.


2006 (2158 thru 2180)

  • Feb 2168 (08/22/06) A crazed goblin and his spider minions attack the city for the second time.
  • Dec 2167 (08/17/06) An unknown woman seems to be luring children away from their families with potentially dangerous toys.
  • Feb 2167 (07/29/06) The Second Solace is set ablaze, but is saved. The corpses of tortured Nanshin are found after the fire has been extinguished.
  • Sep 2166 (07/19/06) Yet again, a lich plagues the crypts of Elysia.
  • ~2166 (July/06) A debacle arises between the Maidens of Dre'ana and two people known as Red, and Simon Hytheria.
  • Jun 2166 (07/14/06) A Shaahesk warband is killed by the Shadow Dirks.
  • Apr 2166 (07/09/06) Lutaraz Sernova is banished from the city.
  • Apr 2166 (07/09/06) The wererat threat in the Forest of Midnight is diminished, and then destroyed completely.
  • Mar 2166 (07/07/06) The werewolf threat in the sewers is eliminated by the Shadow Dirks.
  • Feb 2166 (07/06/06) Rumours of scalpings north of the city circulate. Apparently, only humans were targetted.
  • Dec 2165 (07/01/06) Abductions continue. A Red-robed woman and one cloaked in shadow are spotted killing another red-clad man, and then letting a lycanthrope run off.
  • Dec 2165 (06/30/06) The situation with the lycanthropes is explained to the citizens.
  • Nov 2165 (06/29/06) Even more people go missing, and it is even reported that someone turned into a beast in front of a group of onlookers.
  • Nov 2165 (06/29/06) A ghostly child has been luring people towards the crypt and the clutches of the seemingly unusually restless undead there.
  • Nov 2165 (06/29/06) [http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=81099 Bandits attack the city and take the lives of many defending adventurers.
  • Nov 2165 (06/28/06) Rumours of rat-like creatures abducting people in the outlying farms begin to circulate.
  • Oct 2165 (06/27/06) A guard dies in the sewers while defending the Goblin Bard Zor.
  • Oct 2165 (06/27/06) Werecreatures seem to be abducting people to the Forest of Midnight.
  • Oct 2165 (06/27/06) Yet another lich is destroyed. When will the infestation of liches end?
  • Apr 2165 (06/17/06) A lich is detroyed in the crypts.
  • Feb 2165 (06/12/06) The Maidens and some trusted friends destroy the slavery operations of revel Boyar Tsss'Kaa.
  • Aug 2164 (06/01/06) Snow is appointed new High Priest of Dru'El in Elysia.
  • Jul 2164 (05/30/06) An Avariel named Sevati has been banned from the city for alleged murder
  • Oct 2163 (05/14/06) More werecreatures attack the city.
  • Jun 2163 (05/07/06) Demons are sighted in the city again, this time at the bottom of the Spider Caves.
  • Jun 2163 (05/07/06) A golem attacks, this time at Dracon Gate.
  • Apr 2163 (05/05/06) The Maidens of Dre'ana rescue one of their number, and some public debate arises from the unfortunate incident.
  • Sep 2162 (04/21/06) An Ivory Mage is found dead at Elf Gate, and the area is attacked by a golem.
  • Dec 2161 (04/04/06) Zaamons Defeat is announced rather haphazardly.
  • Nov 2161 (04/02/06) Demons attack Elf Gate and the surrounding area.
  • Nov 2161(04/01/06) Wererats and Sereg attack the city.
  • Jun 2161(03/22/06) A lich is found in the Forest of Midnight. The band of adventurers retreat from the wrath of the lich to fight it another day.
  • Jun 2161(03/22/06) Wererats are again sighted.
  • May 2161 (03/20/06) Wereats are sighted in the city.
  • Jan 2161 (03/11/06) Le'Megen T'Elysia officially take over from the EDF. EDF officers are honoured in a ceremony where the city council and Lt. General Alazmi Alxicus are present. Le'Megen are immediately after given their uniforms and given their authority in the city.
  • Jan 2161 (03/11/06) Dark Rituals are performed in the Elysian crypt. Later, another ritual is found to have been performed in the Forest of Midnight.
  • Dec 2160 (03/09/06) The Order of O'ma is reorganised.
  • Dec 2160 (03/04/06) Werewolves attack again, this time only a small detachment.
  • Jun 2160 (02/28/06) A group seems to start communicating with the Shadow Dirks through public notes.
  • May 2160 (02/26/06) A lich is defeated in the Elysian crypt.
  • Dec 2159 (02/17/06) A strange volcano is spotted just outside of ACE, more of these holes seem to pop up for a time.
  • Feb 2159 (01/29/06) Tall Diamun is banished from the city of Elysia after causing trouble for a long period of time. He keeps entering the city for a time after, in defiance of this banishment.
  • Sep 2158 (01/21/06) The Shadow Dirks publically burn a shipment of drugs intended for distribution in Elysia.

2005 (2135 thru 2157)


  • (11/12/04) Grantir joins in with the alliance of Elysia and T'Nanshi.
  • (06/12/04) T'Nanshi and Elysia enter into a defensive alliance.
  • (28/11/04) The faithful of Angadar join the forces of O'ma.
  • (22/11/04) As Shaahesk and Titanians attack Elf Gate, a force of lizards came through the sewers. A connection between Drotid and M'Chek is made.
  • (21/11/04) Another great attack on Elysia. Shaahesk and Titanians aid eachother, some attacking from below the city, others at the gates. The city is held, despite the two-pronged attack.
  • (20/11/04) Contact by ship with M'Chek is cut off.
  • (19/11/04) War is declared on Drotid. Shaahesk of any kind or allegiance are no longer allowed in Elysia.
  • (28/10/04) Elysia is yet again subjected to a massive attack from Titanians fey.
  • (22/10/04) The Order of Gorethar joins the fight against the Titanians.
  • (09/10/04) The request of the Seelie Court for Titania to end the hostilities between her children and those of O'ma is denied. Hope of peace between the two races seems lost, and the Seelie are forced to fight alongside the Unseelie against all O'ma fey. The EDF is once again turned into a military unit, instead of merely a lawkeeping one. The Order of Gorethar does not join the military effort. A period of unrest and war follows, The Black Cult attacking the city multiple times, and the Titanians bringing their numbers against the city, employing Rings of Pain against the common fey.
  • (07/10/04) The Black Cult attempts to convince the city that it is doing them wrong. The weres later petition for peace, but attack the ones present to negotiate.
  • (27/09/04) The Black Cult of were-creatures is discovered and fought in Elysia and the Forest of Midnight.
  • (26/09/04) Gortog is killed.
  • (23/09/04) Je Tas'Mi is abducted by Titanians. Much later, She is found crawling back to Elysian lands, tortured and eyeless. This eventually leads to the discovery by Elysia that Titanians, Drotid and M'chek are working together.
  • (26/08/04) The Second Fairy War escalates, with Unseelie Titanians attacking the Fairy Gardens en masse.
  • (19/08/04) First account of Titanians and Drotidians working together against Elysia.
  • (16/08/04) Rings of Pain are used against the children of O'ma by Titanians, and drive many fairies insane over the course of the Second Fairy War.
  • (15/08/04) Isamu attacks Elf Gate, more attacks follow.
  • (21/07/04) Gortog and Isamu are exiled from Elysia.
  • (11/07/04) The first record of attacks against Elysia by Titanian forces.
  • (July/04) Gortog begins his campaign of violence and mischief in Elysia.
  • (18/01/04) The Arch-vampire Natassiou is defeated, and Lanessa is freed from her curse.


  • (21/10/03) The Fairy Gardens are put under the joint protection of T'Nanshi and Elysia. The Order of O'ma, Maidens of Dre'ana and the Order of Gorethar are formed into an auxilliary military unit of Elysia. The EDF (Elysian Defense Force)
  • (12/10/03) The Balor King is captured by the combined efforts of the heroes of Elysia.
  • (??/09/03) The servants of the Balor King cause havoc in their attacks against the city.
  • (15/05/03) Darkness descends over Elysia. Lanessa and Natassiou are belived to have taken up residence below the city.
  • (12/04/03) The Vampires and Lanessa of the Legion of Darkness begin causing trouble in Elysia.
  • (??/03/03) The Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana are formed. Based in Elysia. At first, many parties are held, where servings of milk and cookies are rampant. They go on to become an important part of Elysia.


Since translating real life dates to Avlis dates is notoriously strange, I've prefaced each event with the approximate RL date it occured, or was posted about. This will help keep this somewhat in chronological order.