Drotid Armistice

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The Drotid Armisitice took the Nation of Drotid out of the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War. After sound defeats in T'Nanshi, the nation of Drotid sued for peace. After a number of sessions moderated by Rika Vandor of the Healers of Cha'reth, the Armistice was created. The text of the original documents follows.

1. Ceasefire. Complete ceasfire with all of Elysia, T'Nanshi and Grantir (for a period of no less than fifty years).

Caveat: The nature of Drotid society entails that the Vovoide controls Drotid through force of arms and will. There can never be any surefire guarantee that a rogue Boyar will not harass or assault any neighbouring nation. The Vovoide assures that any Boyar who acts against this peace gareement will be dealt with by the Vovoide.

2. M'Chek alliance. Withdrawl of Drotid troops from M'Chek and T'Nanshi. Withdrawl of all other military support for M'Chek.

Caveat: The Vovoide has no control over the slavers who frequently harass the NE of T'Nanshi, among other nations. These slavers will receive no aid from the Vovoide. T'Nanshi, Elysia and Grantir are free to deal with these slavers as they see fit - actions against slavers within T'Nanshi, Elysia or Grantir territory will have no bearing on the peace agreement.

3. Slaves. The return of all T'Nanshi, Elysian and Drangonari slaves in the Vovoides possession and free passage for those slaves currently rebelling in western Drotid to T'Nanshi.

Caveat: Due to the nature of Drotid society, the Vovoide has no means to free slaves held individually by Boyars.

4. The Borders. The T'Nanshi-Drotid border will return to pre-conflict. The southern reaches of Drotid Pass will remain under T'Nanshi authority, the northern under Drotid. Any incursion into the southern region of Drotid Pass by Drotid warriors will signal a breach of the peace agreement*. The Drotid-Grantir border will be drawn at the point where Grantir returns control of 50% of the Boyarships taken during the conflict.

Caveat: actions by a rogue Boyar against either border shall be dealt with swiftly by the Vovoide. Failure on the Vovoides part will indicate a breach of the peace agreement.

Delegate signatures

Warmaster F'eindal Trethlawn - T'Nanshi
Warmaster T'eindel Trethlawn - T'Nanshi
Tz'elgozinopoli - Grantir
Jwolaroth Ruk - Elysia
Kareth Ma'fer - Elysia
Shaaesh Gleeatch - Drotid
Rhissaerk Jalesh - Drotid


Rika Vandor, Healer of Cha'reth
Llyshra Dald, M'Chek