The Remains of Fort Taunton

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Current State

Fort Taunton lay in ruins for many years, a result of a fierce battle near the war's end. The land it occupies is now the eastern Blandenberg Protectorate.

Since the forming of The Protectorate, Fort Taunton was slowly rebuilt by the joint races of the Protectorate ( elves & humans ). During this time, both races grew together and began to move past their races' historical differences.

With construction fully completed at the end of October 2180, Fort Taunton was rebuilt into the "Unified Protectorate Training Grounds". A major achievement for the members of the Protectorate, New Fort Taunton symbolises their ability to work together to achieve great things. The "Unified Protectorate Training Grounds" now houses the Blandenberg Patrol Headquarters for the Avenger / Equalizer patrols who provide security for the Blandenberg Protectorate, as well as training grounds for the respective Holy Warriors, a memorial garden, and a memorial graveyard.

For more information on the "New Fort Taunton", see Fort Taunton.


Fort Taunton was once a border fort in northeast M'Chek. Since much of eastern M'Chek is untamed wilds, this fort was one of the most important supply depots and staging points for all M'Chekian operations against Eastern T'Nanshi. The Fort changed hands many times throughout the war, which is one of the major reasons M'Chek was never able to stage assaults northward along the eastern coast without utilizing its navy.

Towards the end of the war, when both sides had been drained of soldiers by the plague, T'Nanshi made a gamble to capture the fort and end M'Chek's hopes for an advance on that front. The T'Nanshi Army successfully captured Fort Taunton, but hadn't counted on M'Chek's desire to recapture it, nor on their new artillery arrived from the Kurathene Empire.

M'Chek marched an army to the Fort and demanded its surrender by sundown. When the answer was "no," M'Chek began a bombardment which reduced the fort to almost nothing, and killed or wounded many of the defenders. However, T'Nanshi's troops proved cunning and rather than surrender the fort, they drew a sizable portion of the M'Chekian army into it under a flag of truce before detonating the store of powderkegs they held there.

The fort was reduced to a smoldering heap of rubble and gore.