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Jillanaes Little Black Book

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Name: Jillanae Maleficarum

Race: Elf

Age: 294

Residence: Elysia

Class: Fighter / Rogue / Psion

Affiliations: Psion within the Web of Angadar
Current affiliation, unknown.

  • Ex-Guildmistress and Founder, A.C.E

No two ways about it. Jill is barking mad, although now her madness takes the form of icy emotionless calm.

Although sometimes keenly insightful, most people take her madness for religious fanaticism and actually respect her for it.

Founder of ACE, First Psion of Angadar and Emissary to Grantir and the Mindblade Academy and once an all round good time girl, Jill can be found where alcohol and violence are available in equal amounts. Known for her lack of subtlety, and horrific mental torture of those that deserve it, Jill could be seen to be quite simple in outlook... but she generally isn't, unless she's drunk.

Jill occasionally takes on apprentices in the art of the Psion. Most disappear, turn up half eaten or betray Jill in some way. Jill doesn't quite understand why. The latest of these is Kisri Aedia who betrayed Jills trust and became hostile to her.

Developments made Jill wonder about the Church of Angadar, she turned from the Church briefly during a crisis of faith but returned, stronger, and with messages from Grantir...