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The Shadow Dirks

A picture of a Shadow Dirk

What are they?

What do they do?

  • The Shadow Dirks have become a branch of the Elysian military and have primarily been tasked with intelligence gathering and data analysis. They also train allies of Elysia who wish to become Shadowdancers.

Alignment/Class Restrictions

  • None per se. NPC Shadowdancer trainers require the characters they train to be on friendly terms with the City of Elysia.

How do I contact the Shadow Dirks?

  • Drop a note with the bartender of any Inn in Elysia (send a PM to the Event DM Team).

Getting Shadow Dancer Training

  • Leave an in-character note on the forums. There's quite a few active players who can provide training for this PRC.
  • If you are unsuccessful in finding a compatible PC trainer, send a request to the Event DM Team.
  • Please include the name of your character and a Character Goal Database Entry (if not already on file)

OOC: As of the 2022 move to Avlis EE, The Shadow Dirks became an NPC Only Guild (Type 2) and is currently closed to player characters. You can request Shadow Dancer training as above.