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The Shadow Dirks

A picture of a Shadow Dirk

What are they?

  • The Shadow Dirks are a rogue's guild based in Elysia. They are the home of Shadowdancing in Southern Avlis.

What do they do?

  • The Shadow Dirks are primarily an intelligence gathering and analysis organization, but they also perform more "traditional" roguish activities. They also train people who wish to become Shadowdancers.

Alignment/Class Restrictions

  • None per se. The guild leans toward CG and obviously has a heavy bias towards Shadowdancing, but any alignment and class can be a member.

How do I contact the Shadow Dirks?

  • Drop a note with the bartender of any Inn in Elysia (send a PM to "ShadowDirk").

Getting Shadow Dancer Training

  • The first step, and usually the most difficult one, is contacting the guild. Use your roguish brains, be crafty, use the handy "How do I contact the Shadow Dirks?" heading above.
  • Training is earned, not purchased. Characters who RP well and put in the effort are going to get the PrC unlocked. Despite that we are a CG-leaning guild, alignments will not be discriminated against as long as no one gets sneak-attacked in the process.
  • Location is not as important as it may appear. Though the Dirks operate out of Elysia, non-Elysian PCs will be given just as much attention. Of course, a visit or two will be requested.
  • Most of the interaction will be PC to PC, however, note that the final unlock choice is made by a DM. This is twofold, to ensure that PCs are neither left or nor given priority due to favouritism.