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Tashi E'lie
Race: Elven
Classes: Sorceror
Guild affiliations: Warrior Maidens of Dre'ana
Most active on server: Elysia
Contact: [crazytinkerbell98 Leave a message]

Tashi E'lie is an Elf often seen in Elysia around Sharla's or the Maiden Keep.

Appearance and personality

[[Image:imager.jpg |thumb|left|100px|Tashi]]

Tashi stand about 4'5" tall and weighs barely 70 lbs. She has a dark tan skin tone with almond shaped violet colored eyes.She is very agile and percise with every movement she makes.

Early life


Tashi was born in Le'Or. She grew up with both of her parents. They taught her to be very loving and respectful to all things in life no matter how big or small they were to her. Her mother was a devoted follower of Dre'Ana. She taught Tashi all there is to know about Dre'Ana and how there are people everywhere who follower her. Tashi herself started to follow in her mothers foot steps and began to pray to Dre'Ana every day and help others in need. Her father was in an army of sorts who help take care secretive things that the normal army memeber could not do themselves without being seen. One day her mother and father told her to hide as someone has been watching them for awhile now and that it wasnt safe for her to be out in the open. That very moment someone snuck up on her parents and murdered them in cold blood. She hid ina tree and watched it all happen. Afarid they would find her she blended in with the tree she was hding in. The assassions looked for to no anvil, but they could not find her. Once she knew it was safe, she climbed down the tree and moved quietly over to her parents lifeless bodies. She said a prayer to Dre'Ana asking her to help her through this hard time of darkness and despair. She went to an empty part of teh forest near her house and dug a grave for each of her parents. She sat there for quite sometime asking her why. Until one day she got the courage to leave the very place she called home. She wandered all the way to Elysia where she met Eleanor and Kory. She spoke with them about the maidens. They invited her to a meeting and Tashi spoke her story for all to hear. They accepted her into the bonds of sisterhood. There she formed more friendships then she ever imagined.


Tashi has quite grown into a great bowsman. Occasionally no one can see her as she has a gifted art that keeps her from being seen. She has a natural power for arcane magic that she only discovered once she hit Elysia. Lately she has taken up the shortswords and has been taught how to weild them by ashling and eleanor. Normally when she goes into a fight or battle she tends to stick with her bow. It was a gift from one of her sisters , she cherishs it like there is no tomorrow. Tashi has quite becom the crafter since she joined the maidens when she was younger. She is currently the Estates mistress of the warrior maidens and helps to keep the sisters and all the halls and temple in good conditions. Anyone that knows her knows that 90% of her time she is with the love of her life Elutian. They share many common intrests and are ready to be joined as one. Tashi has definatley taken a liking to Tessa who is Elutian best friend. So she often stops by ROTE in ferrell and leaves some fresh chocolate cookies for her.

Known Associates

Tashi is often found in the company of the following: