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Bella Lilygarden
Race: Halfling
Classes: Barbarian/Druid
Deity: Verossa
Guild affiliations:
none yet
Most active on server: T'Nanshi/Ferrell
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Bella Lilygarden is a Verossan halfling druid often seen on the edges of Zvidureth society making crude jokes, espousing Verossan doctrine and denouncing civilization in general.

Out of character, Bella Lilygarden is played by User:Bella_Lilygarden. The character has been around since December 2010. Her portrait, to the right, is part of the Avlis portrait collection.

Appearance and personality

Bella Lilygarden
Bella stands about 4'1" and is a bit of a bruiser. She's fair skinned and has long, near white hair. Except for a well tended braid her hair is an utter tangle of leaves and twigs. She smells faintly of nightshade and occasionally chews a leaf as proof against lycans. Bella is always seen in her furs year round.

When not battle ready she carries a walking stick which is often used to make conversational points. In battle she carries a primitive looking shield and wields an axe, but just as often will swing her 'kabonk' (a morningstar) or pull out a shortbow.

One curiosity is that every two weeks or so, she seems to take the time to detangle her hair and wash it...

Bella is rude, opinionated and cynical about 'cityfolk'. She intensely dislikes large crowds and tends to become increasingly taciturn in proportion to the number of people about. When it comes to the preservation of the wilderness and the cycle, she's very passionate. She's very quick to point out that death and decay are necessary facets of the cycle.

Early life

Merry Lilygarden
Bella was born about 18 years ago near the Roseberry Woods in Ferrell. Her Papa (Findle) is an herbalist that grows award winning lilies and her Mama (Shayna) is an accomplished dressmaker. She claims to be the younger middle child of six (Findle, Joy, Merry, Bella, Sam, Constance) and was the epitome of 'problem child'.

Not surprising, she came early into the typical halfling wanderlust and spent days in the woods near her parents' house. Her attitude and preference for the untamed dangers of the woods exasperated her Pop enough that he started calling her his Little Belladonna. Bella preferred the nickname more than her given name and now introduces herself as 'Bella'.

Her parents made several attempts to divert their wayward daughter and taught her the rudiments of herbalism and sewing. After a few false starts, she took to herb lore but tended towards the more pragmatic preparations. Sewing seemed to offer her some peace, but more often than not, she'd get bored and tear off in frustration leaving behind a trail of half-finished projects.

One fateful day in the Roseberry, she spotted a bear being harassed by a Ferrell Wisp. For whatever reason, she felt a powerful connection to the bear and made a desperate prayer and appeal for protection... and it was answered. While the effect was weak, it was enough for Bella and her new friend to escape. From then on she and Ol' Pete were inseparable.

Bella started spending less and less time with her family and more time with Pete exploring the Roseberry and T'Nanshi. Curious about who answered her prayer she visited the temple of Berryn, the temple of Skern and Kitanya's Grove for guidance, but none of the answers she received seemed quite right. She continued to experiment with various prayers and eventually recognized the one calling her was Verossa.



Known Associates

Bella's bestest friend:
Puffy - a black panther that Bella's been caring for and teaching tricks.

Bella is often found in the company of the following:
Rain Merstin

Others she's familiar with:
Belina Greenberry