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File:Belina Portrait.jpg
Belina Greenberry
Race: Halfling
Classes: Rogue/Ranger/Shadowdancer
Guild affiliations: Shemathen Le'Yeritath LonovanenHirefya Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi 6th Division
Most active on server: Wilderness
Contact: Leave a message

Belina Greenberry appears to be a woman in her early fifties. With her dirty cloths and unkempt hair she looks like she spent the night in an abandoned wolf den or under a fallen tree, which is probably true. She has brown eyes and brown hair with strains of gray.

She joined the Shemathens and later the T'Nanshi army when she was 20 years old. Not much is known of her life before she enlisted but in M'Chek there is a painting of the party that banished the Gentleman. There are two halflings in the picture, one is Sarrena Sunflower and the other bears a striking resemblance to Belina.

Belina served in the Lonovanen Hirefya during the last 24 years of the war. She rose to the rank of Woodmaster but there aren't any public records of her actions during the war.

She vanished some time after the end of the T'Nanshi-M'Chek war but recently appeared again, seemingly having only aged a couple of years.