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Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Origin: Slums of Mikona

Religion: None

Common knowledge:

  • Makes wine and gives it to girls he meets
  • Carries around a large Tyeduan Maul hes affectionately named 'Mauly'

Common places of dwelling

Current (Known) Avlisian Affiliations:

  • Psion of the Luminous Order
  • Lots of folks from Elf Gate
  • Lots of folks from Zvid

More on Kurn


Hair: Kurn's hair is a dirty blonde, finger-combed and generally unkempt as it naturally splits down the middle.

Skin: Kurn's skin is generally a pale-ish, bit of a reddish tan from all his time standing out in the sun. It is also often broken up by scarring from what looks like large animals and maybe a few blades. His torso has nasty old scars that look like they have stretched over the years as he has grown.

Physique: Stands at 5'8" but tends to slouch to a 5'6". Kurn is overly broadly built (like a dwarf) and weighs in about 230-240lb. His muscles while obviously well toned, aren't terribly well defined and it looks more like he's used to taking a heavy beating.

Face: Kurn usually bears a generally neutral expression on his face. Eyebrows seem to be a lighter color than his hair and not too bushy. He has 3 light scars running across his face that speak of a close encounter with a very large paw. His face is relatively rounded with a slightly broad chin that breaks up the line, his jaw is not too prominent and stands above a thick neck.

Eyes: Icy blue and generally examining his surrounding - lazily.

Clothing: Kurn is almost always in his specially fitted sleeveless chain shirt (that was originally made for little elf girls). Though he has a sleeveless brown tunic he wears under the armor, and can sometimes be found wearing a pirate costume (which he isn't even sure why he wears it). In most cased he can also be seen carrying a large 20+ lb tyeduan maul around.