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AKA: Alana

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  • Race: Nanshi
  • Gender:Isn't that obvious?
  • Age: 122, but who's counting
  • Birthplace: Le'Or T'Nanshi
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Hair Color: Red, with black streaks, born with blue though
  • Eye Color: Green, til she figures out how to change that too
  • Overall Physical Description: Pretty, well toned, and curvy in all the right places

Ari is bubbly, giggly and flirty, but.... don't make her angry... you wouldn't like her angry at you. She will flirt with nearly anyone she thinks will help her or give her something. She can be seen with her "close friend" Leah a lot. Ari is quite useful with her dual short stabbies as she calls them and likes to fling arrows at things too. She is a spoiled brat in nearly all senses of the word, but has a youthful impatience that makes her somewhat tolerable.

Ari was using the name Alana to escape her family (see History for more), but has recently decided its safe for her to go by Ari now (a short version of her name that her parents hate anyway).

She has also taken up some hobbies, presumably, there's something she wants. She has become quite proficient at making clothes, as well as fancy arrows for her bow. She's even been seen mining... yes, mining. She has some skill with herbs and plants as well. Ari has also been seen crafting weapons and armor, of low grade but... she seems to learn quickly.

Lately, she has been seen prominetly displaying an amulet around her neck, close inspection shows it to be of The Harpinger.

It's Easier to use single words to describe her than long drawn out verbiage: Pretty, Selfish, Flirty, Psychotic, and Girly

Born to wealthy parents in Le'Or, she was given anything she wanted so long as she stayed the "perfect little princess".... She got the heck out as soon as possible.

Her parents found the perfect boy for her to marry, a mage with an arrogance and attitude. He met with Ari many times and well, she pretty much wanted to throw up at the possibility of spending her life with him. However, her parents were set on convincing her this was the best thing she could do. Meanwhile Mage Boy was pondering the behavior changes he would inflict on his new arm candy. Obviously, this did not sit well with Miss Ari.

Ari fought alongside the T'Nanshi Army in helping to defeat Damia in Zvid, and in Cor'Vallen. She aided the M'check Army to destroy a stronghold of some sort with the Blackhawk Company. She is a member of neither organization though.

She has been seen everywhere from the ports of Arkaz to the forests of Hala to even, well Elf Gate, but she calls Zvid home.