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Ealdonor Daecundil
Race: Half-Elf
Classes: Ranger,Rogue,Shadowdancer
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Most active on server: Elysia
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Ealdonor Daecundil

In some respects Ealdonor is a very typical Avlissian Half-elf which is odd considering his origins, standing 5 and a half feet or so tall, slightly rounded almond shaped eyes of a very pale blue color and facial features somewhat more defined than a humans. However what stands out most about him is his very pale skin and light colored hair. Ealdonor was raised by his human mother in a village on the world of Mythos.

Because of his skin coloration he was never really accepted in his village so like many half-elves he was something of an outcast, and his mother, though not harsh or cruel to him, was not particularly loving. As soon as he was able he left the village, which is when as a very inexperienced Ranger he joined a party of adventurers who planned to make the journey to Avlis.

Though he claims otherwise, he is a little self-concious about his coloration, he normally will dress in dark green or black leathers, hooded and wearing dark colored gloves, he rarely will be seen with any exposed skin. Because he spends much of his time out of doors one might think he was unkempt, his leathers will often be covered on road grime and leaves or brambles might be caught in his cloak, but even a cursory glance will reveal that his equipment is very well kept.

Once reaching Avlis he decided quickly to remain, never to return to Mythos. At first he lived off the land on T'nanshi, taking game as needed and sleeping in makeshift hammocks he would fashion in the trees. When weather would get bad he would often take what he needed from nearby farms, never so much to harm the farmers of course.

Once reaching Elysia he felt like maybe he had found a place he could call home, the city itself was a hodgepodge of peoples, A city of Fey, but populated with Elves, Half-elves, Humans and more. Still he had long become accustomed to living in the out of doors and he often camps in the woods near Tupia's grove.

Ealdonor is soft-spoken and not given to exuberance, a chuckle or a grin is often the only outward indication of him taking humor in his surroundings.


Ealdonor often walks the streets of Elysia and is particularly fond of the Parks and Artisans District. It was in elysia that he began to take up some crafts, Woodcraft especially since that skill permitted him to make his own arrows. He managed to become a fairly competant fletcher, capable a making reasonably nice bows and arrows as required.
It was also in elysia that he learned of the skill to blend with shadows, His initial training began with a member of the group called ShadowDirks, they were apparantly the only organization in southern Negaria that would teach this skill, apart from perhaps a few itinerant practitioners. Eventually he met with a all black clad fellow who referred to himself as just "Ace", who started Ealdonors training. It wasnt until many years later after a long absense that he finished his training, the Dark clad fellow named "Ace" was long gone, Ealdonor never learned his true identity but also never forgot those early lessons, he has never since seen one of these so-called Dirks.
Friends and aquaintences came and went as is often the case and wanderlust came over Ealdonor, so he travelled the forests of T'nanshi, Ferrell, Toran Sharda and Dubunat again. Upon his return he found Elysia under the control of Shaahesk from Drotid, many of his favorite haunts in elysia like the forge district were devastated, incapable of making much difference there he gravitated into the forests of t'nanshi.


It was early one morning, a particularly glorious morning when he heard a beautiful and strange birdsong, with it, a bright flash of emerald green, amongst the treetops, the sound was sweet and clear, and it somehow spoke to him....it brought a feeling of patience, then of calling.. of right, then a wrong.. something was coming, that would tip the balance towards a great evil.

Ealdonor travelled all over T'nanshi seeking others who might have heard the song, all through the canopies he went, leaving notes with scribes in the bigger cities, A visit to the Centaur village of Cor'vallen gained a hint. The druids there spoke of a centaur priestess named Sathria who was due back to the village soon, they bid Ealdonor to wait until her return.

When Sathria returned, Ealdonor learned that many others had heard the same song and they had all somehow come to Cor'vallen to hear the Centaur druidess. Much was learned but there was also much missing. Ealdonor travelled wide from the Drotid pass to Grovehaven and Cornath Dru'el, From Port Nireth to the border of Blandenburg, by ground and through the canopies he travelled seeking another encounter with the Emerald Birdsong. A visit to the Avlis Tower University in Mikona to peruse the histories stored there led to nothing. But most of all it was during the meeting with Sathria that Ealdonor learned the name of the enemy of the spirit land was Plague.

Then came the attack on Cor'vallen, Ealdonor was there, along with a great host of some of the greatest heroes of T'nanshi, Ealdonor knew his contribution was minor, secondary at best but he knew he had to help as best he could. In the end Cor'vallen was saved though greatly damaged, fortunately the village was restored. Plague, if she was there, escaped.
After this there were rumors, things happening in the north near drotid, and south in Mchek, but there was little going on in T'nanshi. Even the diseased plants which were so prevelant seemed to disappear. Until quakes began to occur, often felt strongly in the canopies. not unlike quakes felt during the battle at Cor'vallen but this was different.
It was in Le'or T'nanshi that it came to a head, again Ealdonor was there when a large group of heroes and adventurers set forth, this time to the roots of the great city itself, to again face Plague and her minions, down deep under the trees themselves until they came to Plague, surrounded in a greenish shield that couldnt be penetrated, she was poisoning the very roots of the great cities trees. Somehow, three managed to penetrate that shield. The Warmaster Thorfinn Kiff, a Healer Ealdonor didnt know named Aevaeadon, and Fletcher Millstone of Zvidureth. The rest of the group, outside the barrier sent up prayers to their gods, to help the three. Fletcher took the head off Plague, and paid for it with his life, if not for the vast skill of the healer Aevaeadon he would have been lost forever.


The spirit land was saved from Plague, but the Shaahesk still occupied portions of the forest, as well as spots in the nation of Mchek. Posters calling for people to step forward and help in forcing the Shaahesk from the spirit lands appeared. After helping, in whatever modest ways he had, the spirit land against plague Ealdonor volunteered for the Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi. Though just a recruit he has participated in several actions against the Shaahesk and he hopes that someday Elysia will be freed from under their yoke as well.

Ealdonor was there at the final battle to free Elysia as a member of the Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi.