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Full Name: Vejax, also known as V
Age: 110 upon his arrival to Southern Negaria
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Slender, but strong back and shoulders
Gender: Male
Race: Drangonari
Class: Fighter / Wizard / Weapon Master
Hair: Shoulder length, usually braided
Eyes: Golden snake eyes
Alignment: FOIG
Deity: Dra'Nar
Primary Weapon(s): Scimitar / Magic
Other Weapons: Breathes Fire
Birthplace: Grantir but does not call it home

Current Associations

Physical Description

Vejax stands about five feet four inches tall and is of slender build, weighing around 150 lbs. His muscles are toned, well defined and in shape. He has a scar on the right side of his face that runs down past his neck. He has green scales that shimmer in the sun, ranging from green to almost a dark jade. His eyes when visible are that of a golden snake: eyes with black slits for pupils.

If nude or if his clothing permits these tattoos can be seen:

On his right forearms is a Thaumaturgic Circle and its elements are labeled in Drangonari.

Oh his left forearm is a Giant Tree and as the leaves fall off the tree, they changes to crows...

On his left leg is a tattoo in the shape of a Brass Dragon sitting.

On his right leg is a Pentagram with a Skull in the middle.

On his right bicep is a tattoo that says: Take what you want, Give nothing back! in Drangonari.

On his left bicep is a tattoo of a Tribal Swirl.


"Both of my parents were Andrinor worshipers in Grantir, a subject that is not supposed to happen. Needless to say they were part of what the government there called "a cult or heretics" and were killed before my eyes... At this time I was around 10 years old in human age. Since no one wanted the son of a Heretic in their house, I was sold to slavery to the Drotid region and began my 80 years sentence in the slavers pit. Needless to say I had a lot of hate and anger and I was power hungry so I could take my revenge on the people that did this to my family... However, at that time I could not read nor write and the Priest of Mikon that found me , took me to an orphanage and that happen to be in Blandenberg. Needless to say I caught on quickly and one of the teachers decided that I caught on so fast, that I might be able to comprehend magic. She took it upon herself to see if she could teach me some minor magic and I could comprehend it... She shipped me off to the Mage Academy in Visimontium. I studied and learned magic and decided that I wanted to show all those of my own race how powerful I had become - and as such, I decided to pledge myself to the Ebony Order.

Time flew by till I met AJ (Auryna). She had a huge influence on me and showed me that there are prices too big to pay for just raw power... It was at this, when our relationship broke up, that I realized I did not wish to do all the evil things I had planed and I wished to leave the Ebony Order. That being said... I am really loyal. I searched and wished another way to stay in the Ebony Order, for they had done a lot of things for me and I had become Friends with Magus Tybalt Rasul and did not wish this friendship to end. But I had to be true to myself, I came to speak of it before I was about to offered the test to be in the Order and other Order members knew I was no longer Ebony and they had voted that I was not to be a Magus in the Ebony Order... In Truth, I was happy about it... I so wanted out of their Order. Now this is my fault... I did not take long enough time to truly find myself, before jumping back into an Order again... I totally admit I was wrong taking the Ashen Order robes... They were not for me, for I was changing. It did not last long before I realized this was a stupid mistake on my part, talked to the Order and gave up my Ashen robes.

I knew that I was changing and I was not sure where I was heading. At one point I thought I might change and become a Druelite and I felt at home in the woods but Dru'El did not see that. What He did for me was show me the path to what I want to do today... I want to help people; I want my magic to help people. I especially want to help Orphans. Took me a long while, many months, to realize it was not Dru'El's path I was on, but rather Dra'Nar's path - and it felt right. I have recently joined the Church of Dra'Nar and I have become more active in L.E.A.F. Ministries to help Orphans and the ones that don't have what they need in this life. I want to do good with my deeds and my magic and help people. This is why I joined the Ivory Order of the Sun."