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Ace Kogane
Race: Elf
Classes: Rogue/Ranger
Most active on server:
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Race: Elf
Height: 4'06"
Weight: Maybe 75 lbs
Build: Petite
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Golden

A New Path:

With the Shaahesk threatening in the sewers of Elysia, Ace packed what little she had to leave the only place she knew of as home, the streets of Elysia. While growing up she had heard rumors of Ferrell being a welcoming place for all, so she took her chances and took her first step down a new path. At a young age, Ace was taught to be wary of others, so she kept herself at a distance. She would often see others fishing or just talking in front of the Port Hole, but her upbringing would not let her approach. Being alone for most of her life, she wasn’t sure how to communicate, so she watched to learn how others handled it. Stealing her nerves, she started approaching people asking if they needed her to do errands for them, and soon fishing for Sarah became one of her favorite pastimes.

On a shopping trip to Zvidureth, Ace met a young Avenger who taught her more about Dru’El and his teachings while showing her how to make her own arrows. Soon after on a trip to Le’Or T’Nanshi she met even more followers of Dru’El. The more people she met, the more she wondered what she had missed growing up as she did. They showed Ace that what she learned on the streets is not always the way things are. The young girl was overwhelmed with the kindness that everyone showed her. She was stunned that they would help a street urchin, and in return they all said the same thing, “Just pass it on when you can.”

Ace started spending more and more time in Zvidureth to have a drink and a smoke with those she had met, so she rented a room there. The protective shell her past had built around her started to crack. The Ace she could have never been on the streets began to emerge. The kindness she was first shown to her by the ones she now calls friends led her to show kindness to whomever she meets…even known enemies. With a bright smile, she offers a drink and mellow to those who walk past her favorite sitting spot in front of the Stag.

A Wrong Turn:

Always willing to help out a friend, Ace found herself going back to Elysia. Jensen had asked her to find a nice bottle of wine for him and his lady friend. Only planning on pausing a moment at Elf Gate, an unexpected situation occurred. After her usual hellos, a winged man insinuated that he wished to take Ace back to his home plane of Hades.

Backpedaling to keep distance between her and the man, the one man on her new “Stay away from them, Ace” list came up behind her. When the black robed man asked what was going on, Ace didn’t even consider lying just told him that the other “gentleman” made an offer that she didn’t even want to consider. Quite unexpectedly, he told the winged man that Ace was going with him. Now she was between the two of them and not quite sure what she should do. She decided that going with the one that she knew about instead of the one she didn’t might be the right thing to do.

Surprisingly, he was a gentleman with her the whole time that they were together. His choice of places to talk wasn’t one that she would have chosen herself but arguing with him was out of the question since she didn’t want him mad at her. An armored figure joined them during their talk. Ace wanted to crawl under the stool she sat on as soon as she heard his familiar voice. The last thing she wanted was to disappoint or hurt one of her friends. As soon as she was able she made her excuses and left for Zvidureth to await the repercussions.

Ace hoped that she could explain it well enough so that they understood what happened. Having to face Varion and tell him what happened was one of the hardest things she had ever done. He had asked her to stay away from that particular man. After many questions and explanations, he understood. She was out of trouble for the most part…for now.

The Race of Opportunity:

Ace noticed that business seemed to have picked up for the Stag and Zvidureth. One man in particular grabbed her attention. He would leave out drinks for anyone that passed by and brought flowers from far off places. Ace found herself watching for Fletcher Millstone, the Man of Opportunity, whenever she was in Zvidureth.

One night, Ace was teasing Fletch and the others that had started coming around. She had drunk one or two to many that night. Fletch bet her that he could beat her in a race to the other side of town. If she won, she got the bottles that were left. Even though she was unsure about it, she took him up on it. When the word go was said she took off and he just watched then sat back down. She realized on the walk back that her little skirt flew up when she ran.

With a laugh, Ace told him if he wanted to see her bum all he had to do was ask. Shaking her bum right at him, she flipped the back of her skirt up to give him a better view. While picking up her winnings, she made sure that her backside was aimed right at him. Something happened that night that would change the path that Ace would follow.

The Awakening:

In the following days, Ace saw Fletch often. Was it coincidence or was she looking for him? She didn’t look within herself to seeing the budding feelings she had for him. She spent one day looking for a certain bottle of lager just for him as a joke. She wouldn’t look to see that the lager was just an excuse to see him. They would work on making arrows together, and even after many thoughts and dreams about him, she was still blind to her own feelings.

On a trip south towards Mikona, the group they were both traveling with was ambushed by some bandits. After winning a short battle, they continued on their journey. Up the road only a few steps, Ace noticed Fletch missing and stopped to look for him. She tried to ignore her pounding heart when she didn’t see him anywhere and the relief she felt when he came walking back towards her.

A few days later in front of the Stag, Ace was sitting talking with Varion and a few others when Fletch came up. Fletch made a comment that he thought that Ace was special gem. One of the others suggested that Ace give Fletch a hug as a thank you. Her eyes widen like a frightened deer’s. She looked around nervously not sure how to get out of it. She could feel Varion watching her and waiting for her to bolt. She didn’t know how to explain to Fletch that she couldn’t. It was not him, but her. She didn’t think to tell him that it was something she was just not ready for yet.

When he turned to leave, Ace’s heart stopped. The more she thought about it, the more she worried that she had unintentionally hurt him. Her heart couldn’t take it if she had. She knew that if she let him walk off that he might not come back and that was the one thing she didn’t want to happen. Jumping up from her bench, she asked him if she could talk to him privately. Leading him behind the Stag, she opened up to him so that he would understand what she had been really trying to tell him. He responded by telling that he would give her all the time she needed.

Fletch could not have been better with Ace. He let the skittish girl come to him to gain her trust. He would talk and laugh with her for hours until Ace couldn’t deny her feelings for him anymore and let him know just how much she loved him. She was quite surprised to learn that he loved her too.

Two Girls Two Different Paths:

One night Ace, Fletch and a few others were sitting in front of the Stag, a crying woman comes running up. After calming her down so she can talk she explained to those gathered there that her daughter had been taken by the Shaahesk as a slave. The group assured the distressed mother that they would do everything they can to get the little girl back for her, so she agreed to wait for their return inside the Stag.

Quickly the group prepared for their rescue mission and departed to the where they thought the girl could have been taken. A few battles had them infiltrating the area where the Shaahesk had been known to keep slaves. A quick search and they found where the slaves were kept. The terrified little girl was there. One of the group recommended Ace to convince the girl that they were there to help her. Ace’s heart broke for the scared child and did what she could to convince her to leave with them. Ace was relieved when the girl came up to her wanting to be picked up.


For the trip back, an invisibility spell was cast on Ace and the little girl. Ace whispered to her that they have to be quiet and let the rest of the group take care of any Shaahesk that tried to stop them. Once out of the cavern, the group surrounded Ace and the little girl keeping the two of them in the center of them for safety. Before they got halfway back, the girl was sound asleep in Ace’s arms.

Back in the Stag, Ace handed the sleeping girl back to her mother then slipped back near Fletch. The worried mother was overjoyed to see her daughter again and couldn’t thank the group enough. Watching the happy reunion between mother and daughter, Ace couldn’t help but think of another little girl that she felt that she failed. That was a couple of weeks back and Ace still felt that she missed something.

Fletch and she was talking in front of the Stag. Everyone had left for the night but the two of them. They were about to leave themselves when a young girl came running up wanting to play tag. Noticing that there were still a few bottles on the ground Ace quietly slipped them into a bag as she listened to the girl. Thinking it would be fun, Ace agreed to play with her. The girl led them south of town towards a dangerous area. Ace and Fletch tried to convince her not to go that way but she didn’t listen.

The two followed her deeper into the woods and into a trap. There was werecats waiting for them. Fletch tried to get Ace to leave, but she wouldn’t go without him. The little girl talked to the werecats as if she was leading them. After a battle with the creatures, the little girl stood a distance away crying. Ace wanted to go to her, but after hearing the girl command the lycans she wasn’t sure what to do. Fletch showed himself right behind the girl trying to get her to leave with them. The girl let out a howl and more werecats came out. As they were fighting, they heard a scream off in the distance.

Moving quietly towards where they thought the scream was, there was no sign of the little girl, but a large black werewolf awaited them. After a difficult battle, the werewolf finally fell. The two of them found the remains of a woodsman, but no little girl anywhere to be seen. They searched the area for her, but when they found nothing, they returned back to Zvidureth to see one of the clerics of Cha’reth.

Ace has returned out to that area several times looking for signs of the girl, but never finds anything. Ace thinks of the little girl often and feels like she didn’t do enough to find out the truth. What happened to her? Why was she out there? Was she really a little girl or the werewolf?

Returning Footsteps:

After a long absence, Ace found herself waking in Orcscourge. Lux, her dire tiger friend, lay beside her. When she moved, he opened his yellow-green eyes to watch her. She wasn’t sure where she was or who she was, but she knew the tiger was her friend and protector. Lux led her gaze to a pile of bags covered in years of dust.

After scratching the big cat’s ears, she went to the bags to look through them. There were all sorts of useful things in them. The long bow and the clothes seemed very familiar to her. She took some dusty green leathers out to clean. Once she was done, she stripped out of the rags she was wearing to try the leathers on. They fit her perfectly as did the boots and the rest of the gear.

Lux lead her to the top of the chasm. Once there, Ace turned north with the large tiger following at her heels. She still didn’t know who she was, but she had a feeling that her home was north. She stayed in the woods and away from others for the most part until she reached Zvidureth.

Pausing in the middle of all the merchants, Ace looked around the town. It felt so familiar to her. She stared at the Leaping Stag for the longest time, but she still didn’t remember anything. Drawn to Cornath’Dru’El, Ace knelt at the alter and prayed for Dru’El to guide her along the way of finding who she was again.

Trickling Memories:

Ace spent many hours praying to Dru’El after her return. Her memories started slowly returning back to her after her first encounter with Varion, her Pops. The discussions between the two led Ace to recall where she had been and how she was taken there. However, the details of the time she spent in Drotid are still sketchy in her mind.

Even though she had a room at the Leaping Stag, Pops advised Ace that she could rest at Cornath if she needed. Following his advice, Ace spent even more time in Cornath, praying, resting and talking to the people there. She was slowly getting things back on the right path. Again, she approached her Pops to see if he would help her down the path her heart was leading her. He agreed to guide her on the path to becoming an Avenger for Dru’El.

Having not seen Fletcher since her return, she knew that she needed to resolve that in her own heart. She held no ill will against him for moving on. Actually, she was very happy for him on his marriage and only wished him the very best. She finally caught up with in Zvidureth in front of the Leaping Stag. She kept the conversation short since she knew he was a very busy man now. She just wanted him to know that she was sorry for disappearing on him and that she was happy for him. After letting him know that she would have his back if he needed, she left for Cornath happy with the outcome of their talk.