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Basic Info an' stuff

Full name: Ashleigh Rel'cing

Wha' peoples call me

Is jus' Ash mos'ly
Leo'ni call me Ash'ni or Cha'li. Is elf talk.
Pops an' Moms call me Cha'vat'li. Is elf talk, too. Is mean daughter o' mines heart.
Kae call me sis'er

Favorite things

Mostest favorite is my sis'er, Kae. Is loves her more'n anything!
Leo'ni be my fella, an' hims won'erful!
Pops an' Moms (is Varion an' Cati Raykeeshen)
New dresses

What I is lookin' like

Is avariel, gots wings an' feathers. Is gots long blonde hair, an' dark green eyes likes my pa. I ain't as tall as Leo, 'acause hims a gnoll. Is has t' looks up t' hims.

What I is believin

I is follow goddess Yeraiah. Hers be wife o' Mikon fella god guy. Hers works close with other goddess, Dre'Ana, but she not so fighty like. Yeraiah be more for nurture things for ladies. Is try an' be likes that, so's is helps peoples where I can an' stuff. Sometime is not work out so good, 'acause peoples I helps ain't a'ways so's good. I is druidy type, an' try an' nurture fores' so's stuffs can grow. When stuff grow, is mean more things for peoples t' have an' use. Is jus' be careful with it.


Used t' live near Fourtree, seem like long time ago now. Mum be follower o' Dre'Ana an' Pa be Dru'elite type. Is learn lots from both o' they. Pa teached me t' punch an' kick, an' Mum how t' be druidy like. Pa teached me how t' preten' I was flyin', too. Mum not likes that too much. Pa show me t' stan' on platform edge, open wings an' lets wind holds you up when yous lean over edge. Ain't really flyin', but is feel like it sorta.

Mum an' Pa is goned now. Was NightTooth gnolls come an' tooked eve'ybody 'way. Me an' Kae was doin' hidey stuff, an' no got seed. All 'em houses burned down, weren't nothin' lef'. I looks for lots'a days af'er, tryin' t' fin' Kae. Is fin' she in a Inn in market place in Le'or. We's come down an' goes Elysiar, tryin' starts new life an' stuff.

Peoples I be knowin'

Good peoples

Leo. Hims strong gnoll wha' has good heart. When firs' we meets, me an' Kae screamed an' runned away from he. Is not knowed him wasn't mean then. Now, hims Cha'li
Kaeleigh. Is my sis'er. She keep sayin' I is old, jus' 'acause I is two years ol'er 'n her. Sometimes we picks on each other, but is us way o' sayin' "I loves yous"
Varion an' Cati Raykeeshen. Is Pops an' Moms. They is both 'Vengers o' Dru'el.
Brad. Is Kae's boyfrien'. Hims merc'nary type, an' is real sweet. Sometimes he do silly stuff 'roun' Kae, likes buy her smelly boots. Boys is silly like that sometime.
Mis'er Drinky Man Finn. Hims own lot'sa drunk shops called Moonbush or somethin'. Hims real nice fella.
Missus Finn. Is met her couple o' times. Hers nice t' nice peoples, but she don't take no stupidness. Is likin' her lots!
Mis'er Veras. Hims sorta quiet like, but hims nice.
Mis'er Mayor Fletcher. Hims really like Zviddytown, an' is ready 'fend it alla times.
Miss Rode. Is real sweet lady! Is a'ways say hi t' me an' Kae. She talk all proper like, but I is un'erstan' hers anyway. She gots real purty dresses!
Miss Raine. She real good at sewin'! She say she teach me! Is got dress wha' she made for me an' stuff. Is gorgemous!

Not so good peoples

Not-deads. Theys is jus' icky.
Devil demon guys. Is more icky!
Shaheskies. Is not likin' them, neither.
Hobgobbos. Mean fellas


PM Ashleigh Relcing